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Full text of "Pegasus Yearbook 1995"

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Uppcrclass • comps • 
• thesis* knovvlcdiic • scniordiniT 
real world • o\t campus • «'' ' 
stress • LSATs • senior semin- 

ation • 

:k ot-) 

mo\'ini2, out ' 

tutu re • nri\'ele'J:es 

:rad schcxM • CRhs • tman 



' the Marsevs 

fields • Mark Laursen ' 
the x'ictorv bell • lacrosse • Cain • baskets 
tans • row'inii • boathouse • cheerimi ' 
athletic tape • baseball • exhaustion '- 
defeat • Kibler field • awav games • 
adrenaline • x'ollevball • rix'alry • swim- 
ming • \'an rides • sprints • lifting • 
spring training • fall ball • early mornings 
• late nights* xictorv • Professor • Doctc^r 
" appointments • President 

Trout* offices* cc^ffee • English* lectures 

• papers • ties • exams • adxising • 
History* IDean N4clntire • mentors* h()in- 
and fifteen minutes • teaching • Philoso- 
phy • Dr. 1 lorne • liberal arts • 13ill Smith 

• deans • committee • /\merica„n Studies 

• blackboard • cnerhead prc).ject,oiyf Pro- 
fessor Lamond • 8:30 am • ^Ccit^e^^-''^ * 
guidance* administration* Music 
fessional • Buntine;' HalP" 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

7<fe 'Pca^^^u^ 


^ojUme 69 

^^^^^^^m ^^^^^"^ 

V ^^^^I^^^^Mi^ ^^^^^^^^^^^Bi 

r "^^ 1 

^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

r ^1 


Studettt Ai^ 4 

SetUonA 60 

Sfo<nti f24 

/icUviUe^ f56 

■ i 






Friends, the Cove, hanging out, 
sleeping, eating, the 
Winebottles, band practice, 
Halloween, Birthday Ball, May 
Day, formals, spring break, 
dancing, the Student Center, 
laying out, socializing, quad 
parties, watching TV, meetings, 
studying, working out, class, 
cramming, hacky sack, touch 
football. Beach Bash, Earth 
Day, parking tickets, roadtrips, 
1 stressing, hallway talks, phone 
calls, Sig runs, e-mail, the 
Tavern, Melrose, $5 pizzas, 
plays, weekends, parties. 


Perhaps one of the most anticipated times of the year is 
Halloween weekend. You never know what you'll see at WC 
when the sun goes down on Friday night. The costumes range 
from the Crow to clowns, monsters to babies, and anything 
you can imagine in between. This year's weekend offered 
parties at the boathouse, Cecil, the Lit House and 1-house. No 
matter where you were, you were sure to find a few surprises! 


After the Mardi 

featured the big band 

the Dance Club, the 

Gras masquerade 

orchestra music of 

SGA Senate, Phi 

festival last year, no 

Doc Scanlin and his 

Sigma, the class of '98, 

one thought Birth- 

Imperial Palms Or- 

and Anthony's Flow- 

day Ball could be 

chestra. The River- 


topped. How wrong 

side Players acted out 

they were! 

a scene from The Great 

One can only won- 

Gatsby during the 

der what Birthday 

This year, Wash- 

band's first intermis- 

Balls in years to come 

ington College went 


will yield for the 

back to the 1920's to 

senses. According to 

celebrate Wash- 

The completely 

an Elm article, "until 

ington's birthday in 

student-run gala was 

last year, it had been 

style-Great Gatsby 

executed with the 

around 10 years since 

style! The "Great 

hard work of Jamie 

the Ball had been 

Gatsby Gala" fea- 

Baker, Elizabeth 


tured elegant decor 

Likens, Carey 


provided by 

Hargrove, Gary Kelly, 

Hargrove, Inc., and 

along with help from 





We all know what a Friday or Saturday 
night on campus usually entails: a party at 
Dorchester, a comedian in the Student Center, 
or maybe even virtual reality. But on two 
separate occassions this year, Washington 
College rocked with the Winebottles, a four 
man alternative group sounding like a cross of 
the Samples and Dave Matthews from Boul- 
der, Colorado. According to many people, it 
was the biggest event of the year on campus. 

The first time the alternative sounds of the 
Winebottles filled the Student Center was in 
November. The event took much planning, 
but it was well worth it. Students packed the 
student center from front to back. The band 
played many of their songs from their CD, 

The surprise for WAC came in January when 
a free weekend and the band's request to come 
back and play again happened to work to- 
gether. Once again, the foursome of Doug, 
Darren, Steve, and Kurt packed the student 
center to capacity for a three hour show. Play- 
ing cover tunes and their own songs, they once 
again managed to have the crowd screaming 
with them at the top of their lungs. 

"We had a fun night on stage with the 
Winebottles," Becky Strauss and Susan Hanna 
say. "They have been the best band at WC so 

Students of WC will be watching as 
theWinebottles rise to stardom. And who 
knows, maybe when they get there, they'll 
remember the little college where they played 
and they'll come back and do it again. 


Although the weather 
wasn't seasonal, the 
hohday season at WC 

The junior class spread 
holiday cheer by 
decorating the campus, 
even old George. The 
dining hall, the Cove, 
and even the dorms 
were festively adorned 
with garland, lights, 
and bows. It was 
impossible not to feel 
the spirit of the season 
at Washington College, 



Although names 
sometimes fall by the 
wayside, faces are 
always familiar at WC. 
Gradually faces in the 
crowd become the 
faces of your closest 
and most trusted 
friends. Whether 
through athletic 
teams, greek life, 
clubs, hallmates, or 
by pure chance, these 
faces help to provide 
the memories that will 
forever remind us of 
student life at Wash- 
ington College. 






Roommates, friends, rooms, 
Procolino's, lounges, comput- 
ers, answering machines, 
showers, Saturday nights, 
foutons, popcorn, microwaves. 
Coke machines, refrigerators, 
TVs, movie nights, sleeping, 
waking, alarm clocks, bor- 
rowed clothes, messy rooms, 
CD's, candles, tapestries, loud 
music. The Bee Gee's, parties, 
hats. Beast, ping pong, RAs, 
memories, significant others, 
quiet hours, loud hours, stress, 
late night phone calls, moving 


^(ViMcHC ^e;?^w»^<i^ ^a^iolc*te ^<vioic*te (^onMcae (^(VuticHC ^<vi&CMte 

First Floor : Joshua Farley, Michael 
Wilson, Christopher McGlone, Michael 
Hinkle, Ian Walsh, Joseph Burke, Kevin 
Hoffman, Brian King, Anthony 
Coatsolonia, Song Ham, Sean McDowell, 
Paul Kennv, Jason Hale, Alex Phillips, 
Jeffrey Frank, Kristian Young, Matthew 
Strohl, William Sims, Steven O'Melia, 
Corey Stottlemyer, David Maravilla, 
Ryan McAllister, Jason Samus 

Second Floor : Betsy Moyer, Phyllis 
Oddoye, Robyn Carstensen, Charlotte 
Stephenson, Christina Chiarchiaro, 
Nicole Chmura, Carolyn Hammond, 
Hosanna Schwable, Paige Patterson, 
Elitsa Hadgieva, Elizabeth Likens, 
Danielle Green, Jamie Schlaich, Jamie 
Stumpf, Stacey Wachtel, Jessica Harding, 
Kelly George, Kellie Harrison, Barbara 
Murphy, Sarah Sobon, Rebecca Bryant, 
Meghan Brumby, Stacy Barker, Jodie 

Third Floor ; Amy Bortmes, Megan 
Miller, Carrie Persina, Heather 
Beauchamp, Karen DiLossi, Anne 
Petracco, Beth Moser, Michelle Strunge, 
Kimberly Stuckey, Jennifer Vancura, 
William Brady, Dave Geevaratne, Robert 
Moran, Eric Emrey, Ted Knight, James 
Pollock, Robert Von Lunz, Michael 
Crews, Tyler Benedum, Patrick Walters, 
Nathaniel Tyler, Thomas Gattone, 
Edward Geisweidt, Timothy Tawney, 
Stephen Fuchs 


^OficUaai (}<VK!Uu^ (}<vidcH<U (^aifuiutcil ^(zndc^uii (^<vi<icH<zi (}evicU»uit 

No Picture Available 

Brendan Norris, John Shannahan, Leroy Gatell, Steve Kim, Kimberley Van Keuren, Marianne 
Culbrtson Karen Wright, Susan Huntley, Monica McDowell, Susan Himmelheber, llaine Goldsniith, 
April DeMar, Giles Beale, Anthony Higgins, Sokhon Pin, Anthony DiPietro, Tina Welch, Jenny Rock, 
Amy Swain, Penny Chaney, Jason Campbell, Timothy Whittier, David Cola, Jerry Davis, Sonja 
Wilson, Alicia Carberry, Cathenne Mercer, Wendy Dimick, Brett Showalter, Jason Myers, David 
George Charles Helm, Tiffany Altizer, Jemima LaClair, Tonya Howell, Alexandra Geller, David 
Hargett, Joseph Derbis, Luther Dudich, Scott Quinn, Allison Worrell, Amie Wiseley, Melanie 
Wentzeil, Patrick Oplinger, Vincent Baker, James Carver, Gregory Miller, Zylia Knowlm, Curtma 
Arnold, Curtia Arnold 

Cardinal Dormitory picture does not appear by fault of the 
Pegasus. The editors apologize for and regret the error. 

g^ecd g^eccl g^ecci ^ecd (}eccl &ecci (}e<Ui ^ecd (}e<Ui &ecci (}ecil g.e<Ui 

Brian Dorst, Kevin Wakelee, Andrew King, Andrew Van Ogtrop, Ian Kilty, 
Christopher Smith, Christopher Tull, Michael Gill, James Hannigan, Brian 
Bird, Steven Dashiell, Richard Rush, Geoffrey Bley, Christopher Evans, 
Merritt Burke, Mark Walker, Matthew Wardian, Devin Brown, Christopher 
Downs, Andrew Moffat, Andrew Moore, David Potter, Tyler McCarthy, 
Thomas Hiebler, Shawn McMahon, David Dennehy, Bart Jaeger, Michael 


^on^cAcAten^ ^o^icAeaten^ '^w^A^^atex 'DoficAe<iten, '^on^:Ae(Uen. ^(yvcAe^ten 

Kareem Humaidan, Derek Cuff, Benjamin Harris, William Fay, Derek Walsh, 
Regis de Ramel, Marc Taylorson, Thomas Obara, Timothy Pilarski, Jarrett Pasko, 
Colin Taper, Eugene Vassel, Craig Flury, Tod Hall, David Johnson, Christopher 
Camillo, Ryan Streckfus, Thomas McLemore, Eric Pikus, Adam Poe, Frank 
Frisbie, Eric Boone, Brian Tipton, Kenneth Lapp 


'THMdte 'TKccUUc 'THtdcUe IHlctd^ 'THcddie 'TH^ddel IHUdU IHlcldU 

Keith Morgan, Deepak Raja, Adam Ruby, Sam Kiana, Christopher Eaton, 
Christopher Watkins, Roger MulUns, Robert Brown, Todd Lineburger, 
Gregory Walker, Charles Albrecht, Rodney Roman, John Lopatin, Yoseph 
Bekele, Andre Taylor, Mark Awantang, Mark Stephens, Alfred Meissner, 
Dana Rechen, Charles Bucknor, Michael Haggerty, Matthew Murray, Jason 
Tommell, Mark Murphy, Edmund Hicks, John Daskalakis, Michael Bow- 
man, Brian Tarleton 


W SW S<i^ S<^^ S^i^ S<^^ S<^^ S<!i^ S<fi^ Sa^ S<^^ SW Sa^ 

Brandon Hopkins, John Guchemand, Ines Walter, Helen Thomford, Mari Endo, 
Sarah Kirby, Angela Panton, Ryan Vigent, Karla Pozo, Anna Msella, Irene 
Msella, Siu-Yee Ng, Kasomporn Sukayoung, Belen Ubeda, Antoine Duvauchelle, 
Vernon Goertz, David Tsipenyuk, Ryu Kawai, Mark Heagney, Rachel Roll, 
Heather Pilar, Lamya Basry 


"TCe^ '?Ce*tt 'TCjzHt 'TCeut 'TC&at 'TC&ttt '9Ce*tt 'TC&ttt 'Kent 'TC&ttt 'TC&^tt 

First Floor Kent: Cleo 
Patterson, Abby Moss, 
Katie Reynolds, 
Marianthy Katsiafas, 
Danielle Sullivan, 
Meggan Smith, Carolyn 
Rouland, Catherine 
Langan, Kelly Beckwith, 
Billie Rinaldi, Kenneth 
Pipkin, Michael Davis, 
Paul Bayne, Peter 
Torigoe, Kurt Kroeger, 
Matthew Kory 

First Floor North: 
Caron Woodward, 
Jennifer Fiammer, 
Lauren Levine, Eliza- 
beth Mangano, Kristin 
Smith, Kathryn Crouch, 
Christian Thornton, 
David Gillis, John 
Weaver, Rewanga 
Dassanayake, David 
Labowitz, Thomas 
Gallagher, Dinukh 
Fernando, Radesh 
Daluwatte, Matthew 
Petracco, John Stein, 
Paul Briggs, Brett Gaba, 
Michael Buccino, Will- 
iam Denton, Benjamin 


^ewt 'TC&tit '7C.e*tt 'T^ent 'TC&nt "^e^ '7Ce*tt '7C£*tt 'TCetU^ "TCeHt 'TCe^ '7Ce*tt 

Second Floor South: 
Kevin Quinn, Manfred 
Kanther, Justin Thomas, 
Matthew Plum, Brian 
More, Anthony 
Tramontana, Christo- 
pher Pelz, Gregory 
Gibson, Bryan Relyea, 
Jonathan Kostyal, 
Yohann DeZoysa, 
Elizabeth McLaughlin, 
Amy Hoffman, Melanie 
Case, Erin Rowe, 
Kristen Keener, Aubrey 
Fox, Wenona Daniel 

Second Floor North: 
Catherine Barrett, 
Jennifer Lukacs, Amy 
Povloski, Kamala 
Gordon, Pearl Pham, 
Taryn Venner, Jennifer 
Biondi, Paula Link, 
Federico Da-Fieno, 
Bradley Crate, Ryan 
Keppler, Paul Small, 
Paul O'Hearn, Hirotake 
Gunji, Ravi Jayatileke, 
Michael Mullen, An- 
drew Taibl, Marshall 
Norton, Gregory 
Metrinko, Eric Dalessio, 
Frederick Butler, Jesus 


StMten^^ ScMtefKi^ S<Mten,^^ S<Mi^n<iet StM'ten^^ Saaten,^^ 

First Floor : 
Daniel V. Ardito, 
James H. Carpenter, 
Long S. Le, Joseph N. 
McDonald, William C. 
Hunter, Rodney H. 
Curtis, Luis A. Torres, 
David E. Powell, 
Matthem J. David, 
Timothy C. 
Kowaleski, Howard 
G. Kronthal 

Second Floor : 
Thomas A. Rombach, 
Donald A. Kissling, 
Bernardo S. 
Evangelista, George F. 
Stulak, Matthew F. 
Flanagan, Daniel J. 
Biscoe, Daniel B. 
Woodall, Timothy M. 
Parent, Ronald J. 
Kozich, Matthew H. 
Distler, Paul N. Tay- 
lor, Brian G. Schriefer, 
Sean M. Tyszko 


S(UH€na^ S(Mten4^ S<Mten^i^ S<Mtena^ S<Mi€ndet ScMi^na^ 

Third Floor: 
Damain L. Polla, 
Miroslav A. Beran, 
Robin Sander, 
Stephen R. Seidel, 
Yonatan K. Alemu, 
Niket V. Mody, 
Marcelo A. Brutti, 
David M. Kraft, James 
P. Pitt, John S. 
Steinmuller, Frank D. 
Batelka, Kevin C. 
Meyers, Todd C. Barto 

Fourth Floor: 
James Alvarez, David 
M. Czekaj, James E. 
Slone, James A. 
Goodman, Richard T. 
McKee, Julien F. 
Gaudion, Perry W. 


'7H<*tta 'Mantis 'Mutt<!i '7Hantc*t 'THl^tta 'THofUU 'THc^tt^ '7H<vitc^ 

Second Floor: Reesa R. Kuhnel, Sabrina S. 
Luginbuhl, Tara C. Rathel, Jennifer L. 
Saunders, Cheryl L. Bull, Karen L. Bianchini, 
Amy R. Barrell, Amy M. Tingle, Rebecca L. 
Strauss, Crystal L. Windsor, Catherine B. 
Kopay, Emily B. Crush, Dawn M. Brown, 
Katherine J. Pagliughi, Laura E. Meerholz, 
Amy L. Draper, Jayme L. Ricketts, Jill L. 
Piechota, Debbie-Ann K. Robinson, Erika K. 
Ford, Kiyaa L. Washington, Kathleen E. 
Meagher, Amy J. Lutz, Lee Ann Lezzer, Eboni 

D. Taylor, Tiffany L. Glenn, Allison M. 
Wentworth, Alicia N. Sievert, Katie R. Dell, 
Elizabeth E. Doppler, Shannon D. Metcalf, 
Meredith E. Bathgate, Kyla M. Donovan, 
Elizabeth D. Massing, Rebecca A. Stephens, 
Amy E. Rizzitello, Melissa L. Ellwanger, 
Jennifer N. Canatella. Dana N. Mickelson, 
Kristine D. Burn, Abbie M. Robins, Katherine 

E. Mullikin, Amy T. Hartsock 

Third Floor: Melanie D. Ruane, Kristen J. 
Nemecek, Ann-Marie Malena, Abigail Byers, 
Melissa D. Windsor, Heather A. Murray, 
Gretchen P. Blitz, Stephanie J. Woodward, 
Amanda F. Schwartz, Katherine C. Child, 
AUcia A. Washburn, Daniella Bonazzoli, 
Christina E. Ganzer, Jessica M. Tunison, 
Melissa M. Ruane, Shrylnee M. Johnson, Nicole 
Gallagher, Erin A. Haskell, Catherine B. 
Thorne, Charlee H. Darby, Ann K. Harris, 
Kathleen A. Dripps, Jennifer Hoffman, Dina M. 
Abbate, Elizabeth A. Ellinghaus, Anna N. 
Boardman, Laura L. Hobbs, Allison M. 
Breidenstein, Carolyn J. Ellis, Sarah M. 
Hornbeck, Jessica L. Neaton, Stephanie N. Pelz, 
Darlene A. Schaub, Katherine B. Lambrou, 
AUyson E. Moore, Sanjeevani Wijenaike, Renee 
S. Ravenel, Bridgette V. Pearman, Beth 
Doppler, Michelle Whitman 

Fourth Floor: Karen E. Sieger, Nicole C. 
Zemanski, Heather L. Harper, Ida E. 
Whayland, Kristin A. Callahan, Stephanie R. 
Self, Rebecca M. Herrera, Leanne R. Cole, Tina 
M. Smith, Kari C. Lee, Rebecca A. King, 
Kathleen Gauthier, Denise M. Hakanson, 
Megan E. Bradley, Casey A. Bane, Colleen C. 
Cusick, Dani Heath, Eileen F. Kuriger, Amy L. 
Harmon, Emily B. Kessler, Gina M. Coco, 
Tayna L. Bennett, Lisa P. Sambula, Kristen D. 


^eid l^ecd l^eccC ^ecd ^eceC ^elcC ^ecd ^elcC l^eccC l^ecd IR^eid IR^elcC 

First Floor: 

Diana L. Clausen, Andrea J. Nolan, Marcia L. 
Mowbray, Lindsey E, Ledwin, Veronique 
Bernard, Leticia S. Lyford-Pike, Robyn J. 
Mitchell, Stephanie D. DeSanctis, Melissa S. 
Kordula, Maria A. Feliu, Nilooki D. de Mel, 
Shelly L. Waltimyer, Kelli K. Youngblood, 
Rachael S. Fink 


.rvi Hn 



Second Floor: Caren B. Lee, Claire L. Pitt, 
Lynne A. McGlaughlin, Denise E. Farina, 
Elizabeth E. Moga, Stacey L. Waicker, Susan A. 
Czechowski, Barbaranne E. Mocella, Mary D. 
DeMeritt, Amy E. Peterson, Cherie A. Gallini, 
Brigid D. Kolish, Andrea A. Wall, Natalie D. 
Smith, Perry Schatz, Sara D. Foster, Nicole A. 
Mills, Hilary A. Rainey, Joanne L. Wrzesinsky, 
Eliza E. Dickson, Mary H. Jefferson 

Third Floor: Patrice L. Stanley, Wendy S. 
Kraus, Tin-Kei Hsu, Safia A. Naqvi, Nirosha P. 
Herath, Reshani E. Dangalla, Christy M. 
Belliveau, Sharla S. Ponder, Sherri L. Foster, 
Theresa E. Senn, Jennifer L. Ruenzel, Elizabeth 
A. Barlow, Dawn R. Simms, Frances T. Overall, 
Heather D. Ennis, Christina D. Hutson, Bridget 
A. Maloney, Sarah D. Kates, Jessica F. Cramer, 
Lindsay E. Taylor, 


^uccit /4(i*te ^uecit /4(Uie ^ueeU' ^^ute 2uee*t ^a^te 2ficee^ /46t^te 

First Floor: Heather Pilar, 
Paulina Sierra Samano, 
Anabel Flores, Anne O. 
Black, Ana M. Rosales, 
Summer O'Malley, Jenni- 
fer A. Nauta, Leslie C. 
Shimono, Karen R. Carver, 
Tamara L. Waltz, Nikole L. 
Santella, Alison L. Weller, 
Laura K. Heidel, Amy L. 
Scarlett, Helen F. Pitts, 
Laura R. Krumbein, Sara 
A. Neutzel, Erin K. Wade, 
Robin C. Ridgway, Jessica 
R. Villecco, Kimberly A. 
Sprague, Kimberly L. 
Young, Jade Shockley, 
Laura Hobbs 

Second Floor: Jennifer L. 
Ward, Latonya D. Junior, 
Jennifer L. Mitchell, Eva 
Kaplan-Leiserson, Laurel 
A. Harris, Jennifer C. 
Sands, Alison B. Parks, 
Stephanie Keaney, Cristina 
M. Polvinale, Melissa M. 
Pierkowski, Meredith R. 
Roash, Courtney L. 
McWhorter, Chrystal A. 
Baker, Carrie L. Smith, 
Jennifer M. Dougherty, 
Christina L. Turner, 
Colleen M. Glass, Doris M. 
Morales, Mary F. 
Hoffman, Laure A. Brad- 
ley, Tanae N. Coates, Lisa 
M. Brown, Martha C. 
Kimura, Mindie Kaplan, 
Kim Young, Kenyon K. 
Rose, Kimberly A. Morgan 



Caught In The 


^<zCUt lifMot IcdUt ^cM^t VaC^ VM<^ V<ii^ ^<zCS<^t I'ni^ 

Assen N. Assenov, Edward R. Heard, Erric L. Hetzer, Mohamed A. Yusuf, 
Tunc Dalga, Bradd G. Burkhart, Matthew J. King, Mark G. Reyero, Ian J. 
McVeigh, Joseph J. D'Urso, Kelly L. Eakin, Michelle D. Chin, Courtney M. 
Meyers, Kouri E. Coleman, Jessica L. Dindino, Jennifer A. Voss, Jennifer B. 
Dow, Colleen M. Roberts, Alison J. Deliberto, Jessica A. duHoffmann, Erin 
M. Miller, Charla M. jones, GiHyun J. An, Jennifer L. Hanifee, Kenneth W. 
Griffin, William S. Merriken, Peter H. Ward 


70e4t Ti/eU 7i/e4t TOoit TiJe^ 70e^ 70e^ TOe^ TVeat TiJe^ 7Ve4t 

Margaret A. Busker, Iris R. Lewis, Reuben M. Stunip, Lisa M. Chobody, Robyn 
E. Shaw, Ronnetta D. Church, Pai Y. Yeh, Shawntel S. Fitzgerald, Mitsuyoshi 
Hannuki, Todd M. Dunn, Douglas L. Beckworth, Jessa A. DeMars, Kristin J. 
Hiller, Yong-In J. Lee, Benjamin O. Wentworth, David R. Rawson, James K. 


'Won^^eit&i 'Won^i.e^te^ "TVon/icdten. "Ti^ivice^itefi 'ZOon/ieatex 'ZVon^e^teft 

First Floor: 

John P. O'Hearn, Timo- 
thy L. Hoffacker, James 
M. Baker, Thomas D. 
Albright, Darrick C. 
Sparks, Timothy P. 
Webb, Michael B. 
Beardsley, Aran M. 
Downes, Scott B. 
Culpepper, Benjaniin J. 
Walrath, Kurt S. 
Sommer, Joshua L. 
Ward, James C. 

% ^iT^f^^ 

Second Floor : 

Donica M. Collier, 
Patricia A. Thomas, 
April D. Stout, Jill L. 
Schultz, Morgan M. 
Geissler, Amanda M. 
Barnes, Jackie J. Smith, 
Chantell D. Jones, 
Melisa M. Olson, Julia L. 
Nordhoff, Stephanie A. 
Haefner, Jennifer P. 
Wick, Kerri D. Haskins, 
Amanda B. Kirby 


'Wcc/Mtcco- *Wic(MUco- 'ZOcccuHcco- '2Vcc<Mi'CC<%^ 'ZOcc<UHcc(^^ 'Wcc<t**Uco^ 

First Floor : 
Christopher C. 
Freisheim, Wilham P. 
Gibson, Erik W. Dahlen, 
ChristopherR. Daily, 
Matthew H. Gallagher, 
Shayne E. Bates, Scott T. 
Helm, Christopher D. 
Fritch, Robert S. Cronin, 
Jason D. Oosterwyk, 
Milton H. Askew, 
Joshua T. Lawrence 

Second Floor: 
Marcia S. Flinn, Stacey 
B. Hammond, Jennifer 
L. Burkmar, Amanda E. 
Friend, Jennifer R. 
Trapnell, Erica E. Estep, 
Courtney J. Clulow, 
Sarah R. Bell, Lisa F. 
Purvis, Jessica B. 
Woltman, Shelly K. 
O'Brian, Heather A. 
Wilder, Carolyn W. 
Fuss, Allison D. Tuttle, 
Julie E. Botsch, Naomi 
D. Cook, Dina A. 
Carlson, Tara M. 
McKee, Lisa R. Christie 


1 4 
\ 4i 

i % 

;*i'- . . 


Professor, Doctor, classrooms, 
appointments. President Trout, 
offices, coffee, English, lectures, 
papers, ties, exams, advising. 
History, Dean Mclntire, 
mentors, hour and fifteen 
minutes, teaching, 
Philosophy,Dr. Home, liberal 
arts. Bill Smith, deans, 
committee, American Studies, 
blackboard, overhead projector. 
Professor Lamond, 8:30 am, 
academia, guidance, 
administration. Music, 
professional. Bunting Hall, 
Ferguson Hall, discipline. 



Photo taken by Gibson Anthony 



/4(^te^UcaK StucUe<i 




Dr. Richard C. DeProspo, Richard Harwood 


f * 

Dr. Robert]. H. 
Janson-La Palme 


^cc<U(te<iA '7H<!Ut<sK^etHetit 

)r. Terrence H. Scout, Gerald A. Walsh 


Dr. Michael Malone, Dr. Edguardo Buscaglia Dr. W. Michael Bailey 



Dale Daigle 

Dr. Jason Rubin 


Dr. Sean O Connor, 

Dr. Jack Hamilton, 




^ \ ^l 

Bennett J. Lamond, Dr. Thomas J. Cousineau Dr. Robert P. Day Dr. Audrey Fessler 

Dr. Richard L. Gillin Dean Edward E. Maxcy Kathy Wagner 




Dr. Robert Fallaw, 

Dr. Emilie Amt Dr. Nathan Smith Dr. Richard Striner 

fftat^et^tuztccd. & ^(Mtfrciten. Scceace 

Dr. Albert W. Briggs, Dr. H. Louise Amick Kenneth D. Wanthng 


'7H<^<ien^ ^a»tc^ua^c<y 

•r. George R. Shivers, 

Dr. CoHn Dickson Dr. Amy Smiley Jefford Vahlbusch 


Dr. Garry E. Clarke, Kathleen J. Mills 



'PoUticat Science & ^nten^u^tc<M<^C StcosUe^ 

Dr. Daniel L. Premo, Dr. Tai Sung An Dr. Tahir I. Shad Dr. Edward Weissmai 


'P^do4xx^iA<f & ^eU(^c<M^ 

^\. J. David Newell, 

Dr. Peter F. Tapke 


'P^<f<Uce!U SdacatccM, 

Bryan Matthews, 
Athletic Director 

Thomas J. Finnegan 

Karen L. Smith 


Dr. Juan Lin, 

Dr. Satinder S. Sidhu 


Dr. Steven Cades, 


^■r mKm 

Almon C. Barrell Dr. Patricia E. Home 


\'-T -i 

^- -'". .l&^i 

Dr. George J. Spilich, Dr. Cecilia M. Acocella Dr. Michael T. Kerchner Dr. James R. Siemen 


THiUen. ^cS^ia^ 

Ruth Shoge 

William Tubbs 


W. Dennis Berry 

AW men who have turned out worth 

anything have had the chief hand in 

their own education. 

- Sir Walter Scott 

Letter to J. G. Lockhart 




American Studies 

Dr. Robert Fallaw - See History 

* ? 

Susan Tessem 


R. Reece Corey * 

Dr. June Middleton 

Dr. David Russell 

Dr. Kathleen Verville 

Business Management 
Don WeLrda 
J. W. Wright 


Dr. Rosette Roat, Chair 

Dr. James R. Locker 


Timothy Maloney, Chair 

Raymond F. Turner 


Rachel Scholz : 

Gerry Fisher % 

Sylvia Maloney 

Gail Tubbs 

English W 

Dr. Richard C. DeProspo-See 

American Studies 

Devon Miller Duggan 

Melissa Mowry 

Beth McCoy 

Dr. Nancy Tatum 

Katherine Varnes 


Dr. Daniel Fremo-See Political 

Science and International Studies 

Dr. Charles H. Trout 

Dr. Carol Wilson 

Mathematics and 
Computer Science 
Dr. Eugene Hamilton 
Dr. Sam Smith 

Modern Languages 

Lida Daves Baldwin 

Christme Pabon 

Dr. Thomas Pabon 

Dr. Joachim Scholz-See 


Andre Schweitzer 


Ann Mathews 
Dr Amzie Parcell 
Elizabeth Parcell 

Philosophy and J^ligion 
Dr. Robert Anderson 
Dr. Kevin M. Brien 

Physical Education 
Michael Davenport 
Pemiy Fall 
Kim Lessard 

Political Science and 
International Studies 
Dr. John B. Taylor 


Dr. Kevin McKillop 


Dr. Jeanette Sherbondy 

Miller Library 
Lavinia Slaigle 
Judith Hymes 
Marion Quick 


Dr. John S. Toll Appointed As President 

Dr. John S. Toll, chancel- 
or emeritus and professor 
ibf physics at University of 
Vlaryland, became the 25th 
iresident of Washington 
ollege. He will be 
nagurated on September 1 6, 
1996. Dr. Toll's appoint- 
Tient concludes a six- 
.Tionth-long national search 
for a permanent president 
conducted by a search com- 
mittee under the leadership 
ji Board member Robert W. 
Duemling. While the search 
was underway, Dr. Toll 
served as acting president 
af the College. 

In announcing Dr. Toll's 
appointment Louis 

Goldstein said, "The selec- 
tion of John Toll as the 25th 
president of Maryland's old- 
Jest chartered college reflects 
'the warmth of affection with 
which the members of the 
College community regard 
him and their appreciation 
jof his enormous talent and 
[record of leadership in 
American higher education. 
His selection is one that will 
prove enormously popular 
with the College's students, 
faculty, alumni and friends, 
and that offers great prom- 
ise for the College's future. 
"John Toll has dedicated 
his career to the advance- 
ment of educational institu- 
tions that are vital to the 
region and the nation: as 
president of the State Uni- 
versity of New York at Stony 
Brook, as chancellor of the 
University of Mary land, and 
as president of the Univer- 
sities Research Association. 
Compared with these, 
Washington College may be 
smaller in scale, but is of 
equal significance to our 
state and nation. Outstand- 

ing liberal arts colleges such 
as Washington contribute 
vitally to the nourishment 
of American democratic in- 
stitutions and will be essen- 
tial in sustaining our democ- 
racy in the next century. It is 
auspicious that John Toll has 
agreed to dedicate the next 
and surely most productive 
phase of his distinguished 
career to the advancement 
of Washington College." 

In a letter to the Board of 
Visitors and Governors ex- 
pressing support for Dr. 
Toll, Professor Emilie Amt, 
President of the Washing- 
ton College Chapter of the 
American Association of 
University Professors, com- 
mented on Dr. Toll's impact 
since his arrival in January 
as acting president. "Chief 
among the qualities and 
achievements that have im- 
pressed us favorably," Amt 
wrote, "are Dr. Toll's lead- 
ership style, his competence 
and decisiveness in admin- 
istration, his clear and con- 
vincing sense of priorities, 
his ability to present the 
College effectively to the 
outside world while chal- 
lenging its members to un- 
dertake the necessary work 
of renovation. Dr. Toll's en- 
ergy has been much in evi- 
dence, his enthusiasm for 
the institution contagious. 
The substantial increase in 
annual fund revenues, as 
well as significant capital 
gifts, would be a credit to 
any president in his first six 
months of service; for an 
acting president, such re- 
sults are especially striking." 

At 71, Dr. Toll has had a 
long career in higher educa- 
tion. After receiving his B.S. 
in physics from Yale in 1944 

and serving in the Navy 
during WWII, Dr. Toll com- 
pleted his Ph.D. in physics 
at Princeton, where he 
helped establish Project 
Matterhorn, now known as 
the Princeton Plasma Phys- 
ics Laboratory. In 1953, he 
joined the University of 
Maryland faculty and 
served for nearly thirteen 
years as chair of the Depart- 
ment of Physics and As- 

From 1965 through 1978, 
Dr. Toll was a professor of 
physics and president of the 
State University of New 
York at Stony Brook. Dur- 
ing his thirteen years at 
Stony Brook, the student 
body grew from 1,800 to 
17,000 with students en- 
rolled in new schools of 
public affairs, medicine, 
dentistry, nursing, and so- 
cial work. During Toll's ten- 
ure, the University at Stony 
Brook grew to be widely 
recognized as one of the 
leading public universities 
in the United States. 

In 1978, Dr. Toll returned 
to the University of Mary- 
land as president and pre- 
sided over a system of five 
campuses. Ten years later, 
at the request of then-Gov- 
ernor Schaefer, Dr. Toll 
headed up the merger of 
Maryland's two public 
multi-campus university 
systems, founding the Uni- 
versitv of Maryland System, 
with Dr. Toll -serving as 

Inl989, Dr. Toll became 
president of the Universi- 
ties Research Association 
(URA), a consortium of 80 
member universities with 
research programs in high 
energy physics that operates 

the Fermi National Accel- 
erator Laboratory. When 
Congress proposed to build 
the Superconducting Super 
Collider, URA was asked to 
expand its role to include 
oversight of that project. 
When budget pressures led 
Congress to cancel the 
project. Dr. Toll returned to 
University of Maryland 
where he still serves as chan- 
cellor emeritus and profes- 
sor of physics. 

"1 came to Washington 
College last January with the 
intention of staying only 
briefly," Dr. Toll explained. 
"But 1 have been so im- 
pressed by the College and 
its students, faculty, staff, 
trustees, and alumni that I 
changed my plan. I am hon- 
ored to accept the presi- 
dency of Washington Col- 
lege as a capstone to my ca- 
reer in administration of 
higher education. 

"What really convinced 
me is the quality of Wash- 
ington College. Like many 
other institutions, it pro- 
vides a broad undergradu- 
ate education, but Washing- 
ton College does this with 
exceptional effectiveness; it 
does as good a job as any 
college I know in helping 
each student to learn. 

"Washington College is 
Maryland's first chartered 
college. It is my goal to make 
it recognized increasingly as 
not only first in history but 
also first in the quality of 
undergraduate education." 

Washington College Press 
Release, May 10, 1995. 








Upperclass, comps, senior 
week, major, thesis, knowl- 
edge, senior dinner, the real 
world, off campus, diplomas, 
stress, LSATs, senior seminar, 
quotes, job, memories, growing 
up, graduation, singles, library, 
time (lack of), yearbooks. Class 
of 95, speeches, Ed. Block, last 
time, moving out, mortar 
board and gown, future, 
priveleges, road trips, lifetime 
friends, deadlines, grad school, 
GREs, financing. Cardinal, ob- 
ligation, goodbye. 


^(M' ^Cexiu^den. 


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 

Thanks to my parents and family 

for supporting and believing in 


Thanks to all my boys for sticking 

by me!-Ben, Ed, Ethan, Dre and 


And just remember, "Wake up in 

the morning, got the yearnin' for 

See you on the other side! 

I^enee Siefoe /iCte*t. 

Political Science 
English minor 
Syracuse, New York 

"If you want, then start to laugh 
If you must, then start to cry 
Be yourself don't hide 
Just believe in destiny. 
Don't care what people say 
Just follow your own way 
Don't give up and use the chance 
To return to innocence." 

I love you Mom and Dad. 


Political Science 
Timonium, Maryland 

I could not of asked for a better 
for years. I loved it here. 

Thanks everyone for all the great 
times, especially T.O., B.G., R.S., 
M.W., S.B., S.F., R.A., and the 
sisters of AOti. Mom - you're the 
best. Dad - thanks for this oppor- 


Glen Arm, Maryland 



Virginia Beach, Virginia 

"If you never have you really 
should, these things are fun and 
fun is good." - Dr. Seuss 

Lemon drop nights, Chez Ramon, 
sailboats, Mermaid Suit, Maine, 
Painted boobs, skinny dipping, 
not a comfy couch. Little Lord 
Fauntleroy. What a wonderful 
four years. 

Good luck everyone. 

fiemc^Pta ^. >d<zS^<i<^ 

Biology, Art History 
Chester, Maryland 

"All is quiet tonight, the stars are 

in their places. 

The mood will give us light to see 

into each others faces. 

And I know the road is hard, but 

if we can carry on together. 

We will get by." - Lowen and 


Thanks to G, A, B, T, T, Z, C, K 
and especially my wonderful 
Mom and Dad - 1 love you so 


fat^e^ "Tft. SW^e^ 

Philosophy minor 
Katonah, New York 

"And it's a fair wind 

Blowing warm out of the south 

over my shoulder. 

Guess I'll set a course and go." 


I have lived and learned a great 
deal here. Thank you to everyone 
who made it possible. I will look 
back on these years with fond 
recollection. Fare thee well. 

^utcent S- SU^^er 


Frederick, Maryland 

"The antique world returned, 

and some majestic god dozed in our 


presiding at a clash of human passion, 

both terrifying and sublime. And like 

an ancient goci, he could assist our cause 

but couldn't save us from our fate. 

- from "The Last Time 1 Saw General 
Lee", by Andrew Hudgins 


^uflto^ /ixfu^ 

Business Management 
Economics minor 
Edgewood, Maryland 

Rules to live by: 

Don't start anything until your work is 


If you're not involved keep your mouth 

shut, but your eyes and ears open. 

Accept that some people aren't all 

together in the mind. 

The world isn't flat, what goes around 

comes around. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, CLEO, Dre, Richard. 

(?'UfltcH<^ /4'utaCd 

Business Management 
Economics minor 
Edgewood, Maryland 

In the end, the vision, drive, and energy 
of ten strong women created and sus- 
tained a sisterhood that keeps growing 
and growing... 

Remember, it takes less courage to criti- 
cize the decisions of others than to stand 
by your own. 

Thanks my loving family 

Mom, Dad, Bryan, Grandmom, 


Love Cleo, 



^^^ '71. >d. "TCm^Uc^ 

History, Education 
From Jamaica to Brooklyn 

Thanks Lord 

Mom, Dad, Maize, Ingrid, John, 

Marcus (miss you) 

X?ieo Always 

My Chocolate Chip, I loved him. 
We met at a party, 1 saw him and 
melted. After, we were inseparable. 
Then he gave me heartburn, it ended. 
With certain $.10 coupons, that long- 
ing returns. 
We're friendly, but it's over. 

Business Management 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Thank you Mom and Dad, Barbara 
and Jim, and especially Matt, without 
whose support, understanding, and 
love this would not have been pos- 

Matt and Tucker - You have 
brought so much happiness into my 
life. 1 am the luckiest person in the 

I love you all. 


(}de4./4. SeaCe 


Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 

(i^ni^ ^. SeUi(Acacc 


3 -2 Nursing Program with Johns 


Dover, Delaware 

To Beulah and Viola -- thank 
you for the memories of college 1 
will cherish forever. To all of my 
ZTA sisters (esp. Carrie), thanks 
for giving me a place to call home 
here at WAC. To Amy I wish the 
best of luck with the Women's 
Soccer Club. Especially for Col- 
leen, Kim, and Amy 1 will leave 
yet another annoying song as a 

"My bologna has a first name..." 
- The Oscar Mayer Song 


Business Management 
Frederick, Maryland 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Forrest, Susie, 
Gramma, Pop Pop, Keith, Steve, Frank, 
Mark, Dutch, Vince, Rob C, Mark C, 
Stein, Andrew, Buchey, Steve and Joan 
C, Margie, Michelle, Sarah, Allison, 
Melanie, Ron, Scott O., Billy, Pat, J.R., 
Gary B., Ant, Topher, Phil, Wolfie, 
Mucha, Bomer and Ben, The Dallas 
Cowboys, Mt. Gay Rum, 
Jaegermeister, Jamaica, IX, Red Stripe, 
Dune, and to the Village Tavern (Nick, 
Terry, Julie, Gary, Billy, Bobby, Mrs. 
Mildred, Pop Pop Plummer- please 
take Alan Jackson off the jukebox). 
Ally, & K.N. 

/4»pt^ A. 'Bontme^ 

International Studies 

"Yesterday's over for sure 

So I can't look backwards too long. 
There's just too much to see waiting in front 
of me 

And I know that 1 just can't hold on... 

With these changes in latitudes, 

changes in attitudes 
Nothing remains quite the same..." 
- Jimmy Buffet 


^c<i<z- 'Tft. ^n/ycuii' 

French minor 
Ottsville, Pennsylvania 

"Nothing great has ever been done 
without enthusiasm." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

On the Water 

As I grow older 
I will remember 
The mornings 
On the water 
At six. 

I will remember 
The early sun 
My will to win 
The strength 
\\\ my arms 
And the power 
Of the crew. 

As I grow older 
I will remember 
How I always 
Reached beyond myself 
In everything I did. 

And how today 
I still do. 


History minor 
Aldan, Pennsylvania 

"The real voyage of discovery 
consists not in seeking 
new landscapes, but in 
having new eyes." 
- Marcel Post 


^aui ^%o^<^ 


Chestertown, Maryland 

"My center is giving way, my 
right is in retreat; situation 
excellent. I shall attack." 

- Marshal Foch 

Business Management 
Columbia, Maryland 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Matt, and 
Grandma for all of your support. 
To the Brothers of Kappa Alpha 
Order, always stay strong in 
your beliefs and convictions. 

"Lives of great men all remind 

We can make our lives sublime, 
And, departing, leave behind us 
Footprints on the sand of time." 
- Henry Wadsworth 


"I can't remember who met who first, or who fell in love with who; all I can remember is all of 
always together. " - St. Elmo's Fire 

S^eil^ ^%o«A^ 

Baltimore, Maryland 

"Stay in touch with my Insanity 
Really is the only way. 
It's a jungle out there kiddies- 
Have a yery fruitful day!" 
- J. Buffett 

To my family- 
Thanks for the opportuni- 
ties, the patience, and the encour- 
agement youVe offered through 
the years. Iloyeyou! 

/4(4i4f, 'D'U!l,fr€fl 

Business Management 
Felton, Delaware 

"Confidence, like art, never comes from 
having all the answers; it comes from 
being open to all the questions." 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for always 

being there. 1 love you. 

All my AX sisters -Thanks for all the 

great memories. 

WC Swimming - Best of Luck. 

Gill - My love forever. 

(i^efUflA. ScM 


New Windsor, Maryland 

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of 


Any fool can do it, there ain't nothing to it. 

Since we're only here for awhile, we might 

as well show some style. 

Try not to try too hard, it's just a lovely 

ride." -J. Taylor 

M&D-thanks for your love a nd encou rage- 


'TC/vie^ 'Sioftc^cal 


Delran, New Jersey 

"The worst thing in your life may contain seeds of the best. When you can see 
crisis as an opportunity, you Ufe becomes not easier, but more satisfying." 
- Joel Kogel 

To my family: Thank you very much for your encouragement and support 

through the 4 most challenging years of 
^^^ my life. I couldn't have done it without 
^^E you. I love you 
^^K Sisters of AX - I'll miss ya! 

/4t^ ^(Viett 

Chestertown, Maryland 

To my family - thank you for all of the 
opportunities you have given me in 
life. ..and for your love, encouragement 
and guidance. 

Ron - Your support, love and friendship 
means everything. 1 love you!! 

"Life is a series of hellos, and good-byes. I 
think it's time for good-bye again." 
- Billy Joel 


Art History minor 

Milford, Delaware 

"Yesterdays are over my shoulder 
So I can't look back for too long 
Ther's just too much to see 
Waiting in front of me 
And 1 know that 1 just can't go wrong." 
- Jimmv Buffet 

Friends and Family- 
Thanks for your unconditional love, sup- 
port and laughter. You're my inspiration. 
T.N.R., 1 love vou. 


^ofta. ^^nUtc^te ^otAet 

Political Science 
Sharptown, Maryland 

Thanks Mom and Dad for helping 
me get where I am today. 1 love 
you both! Jenn and Deb, you 
guys are the best. Sabrina, hang 
in there. You'll make it. 1 have 
confidence in you. Danny, don't 
forget, I will love you always. To 
the Alpha Chis - love ya! 



Germantown, Pennsylvania 

Deb, Tara - U mean the world 
Skip - friendship, love, commit- 
ment - never forget 
AX, Amy, Mehssa, Kevin, Chris - 
spring '95! Movies, bowhng, 
munchies, talks, dancing, CD's, 
Ice 101, beer, chunder woman - 

Mom and Dad - love, support, 
thanks for WAC 

Lemme' find out I am entering the 
real world! Damn! Gina! Damn! 


/4Cccl(^ (^an^ennif' 

Business Management 
Davidsonville, Maryland 

Yesterday is history 

Tommorow is mystery 

Today is a gift 

That is why we call it the present. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jackie for 
all your love and support, I could 
not have done it without you. 
And to all my friends, thanks for 
four great years I'll never forget. 

Political Science 

Cape May Courthouse, New 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Tadhg and 
Zac. I couldn't have done it 
without you. 

Dave, Julien, Chris, Tim, and 
Tyler - I'm gonna miss you guys. 
Good luck in the future. 
Brigid, I love you, you're the best. 
W.C. Swimming - keep the tradi- 
tion, and let's get Gettysburg! 



Dover, Delaware 

Mom, Dad, Robin, Tim, Jason, Ty, 
Julien, Coach Lessard, WC Swim- 
ming, and II - You have made 
my four years UNFORGET- 
TABLE! Thanks for the seh- 
confidence, independence, guid- 
ance, and memories. These are 
all invaluable GIFTS that 1 will 
carry with me forever. "WE 
Family and Friends 


Holbrook, New York 

"Bits and Pieces, 
Bits and Pieces, 

People, people important to you, people unimportant 
to you, cross your life, touch it with love and careless- 
ness and move on. There are people who leave you 
and you breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why you 
ever came into contact with them. There are people 
who leave you and you breathe a sigh of remorseand 
wonder why they had to go away and leave such a 
gaping hole. Children leave parents; friends leave 
friends. Acquaintances move on, people change 
houses. People grow apart. Enemies hate and move 
on. Friends love and move on. You think on the 
many who have moved into your hazy memory. You 
look on those present and wonder. 
I believe in a master plan in lives moving people in 
and out of each other's lives, and each leave a mark 
on the other. You find you are made up of bits and 
pieces of all who have ever touched your life; and you 
are more because of it, and you would be less if they 
had not touched you. 

Hope that you accept the bits and pieces in humility 
and wonder, and never question, and never regret. 
Bits and Pieces, 
Bits and Pieces. - Lois Cheney 


'Deuud 'TH^. (^'^e^f 

History minor 
Huntington, New York 

"Life is a cartoon. 
Watch out for falling 

To Mom and Dad, 
Thanks for everything. 

^^foH^ T^a 

Shanghai, China 

Thank you, those who have loved 
and helped me at Washington 
College, Chestertown, Maryland, 
(August 1992- May 1995) 


^en^tcf, 'DavtA 



Education concentration 

Houston, Texas 

Shout outs to: 
Big Joe's Room (All right) 
Lower 8-man Dorchester Crew 
(A.K.A.) Partners in Crime 
Peace to the Men's and Women's 
Basketball team, 1 hope y'all go 
further next year. 

What's up to all my friends, you 
know who you are. 
And to my girl, Kelly 

It's all good. Baby Ba-be! C-ya! 

English / Philosophy 
Pasadena, Maryland 

"The high spirits of kindness may 
look like malice." - Friedrich 

"The blessing of a life 
Lived criminally is that you don't 

Of anything as crime." 
-Seneca's Medea 


*7o<Cd 'DceteM<^cc»^t 


Laytonsville, Maryland 

History minor 
Torrington, Connecticut 

"I kissed my first girl and smokes 
my first cigarette on the same 
day. I haven't had time for 
tobacco since." - Arturo 
Toscanini (1867 -1957) 

To all my friends , you are the 
rnost important part of my life. 
Keep safe and I love you. 
Phi Delta Theta, stay strong. 
Mom, I love you. Thanks. 


^o^^ ^. VenSia. 

Political Science 
Columbia, Maryland 

Thanks Dad, for strong encourage- 
ment and Mom, and entire family for 
constant strong support! 

"Ah God! Had 1 but studied in the 
days of my foolish youth!" -Francois 

"High thoughts must have high lan- 
guage. .."-Aristophanes 
"All gooci writing is swimming under 
water and holding your breath." 
- F. Scott Fitzgerald 

^. Scott 'D&upnei^, ^T. 

Business Management 
Philosophy minor 
Lahaina Maui, Hawaii 

"It's a funny thing about life; if 
you refuse to accept anything but 
the best, you very often get it." - 
W. Somerset Maugham 
Thank you for your support and 
belief in me. 1 will aspire to cio 
great things. Continue to act on 
your beliefs and you will succeed. 


PauUA. 'DeSt4aa<i^ 


Glassboro, New Jersey 

Excellence "Some succeed be- 
cause they are destined to, mose 
succeed because they are deter- 
mined to." -Successories 

"Each friend represents a world in 
us, a world possibly not born 
until they arrive, and it is only by 
this meeting that a new world is 
born. " -Anais Nin 

/4ttt^o^ p^oA^ ^cPce^t^ 

Business Management 
Clementon, New Jersey 

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive 
and believe it can acheive." -Napoleon Hill 

Thanks to all my friends at W.C. for all the 
great times and memories. A special thanks 
to my family for all your love and support 
through the years. 


jlcU/iefi 7{/. VucUcA 

Political Science 

Philosophy and History minors 

Fulton, Maryland 

I'll especially remember: Matthew Langan 
(who dubbed me Duder), Stacy Sherman, the 
members of the Botch! Band, all my friends 
from Somerset, Cardinal, and Reid, and the 
WCMU/ Coffeehouse Nights. 

"If you could do what you should you know 
it will be alright." 

-Velvet Underground 

S^<i«te-^/iut 'Dewper 

Trenton, New Jersey 

"Season's change with their 


Weaving time in a tapestry 

Won't you stop and remember 


- The Bangles 

I dedicate all my love and sup- 
port to those who loved and 
supported me, especially — ZTA 
sisters, Tammie, Robin, Jessican, 
Huntley, Sky, Karen, Ben, Jon, 
George*, and Kristine (P.S. 
Danny —You're cute!). Let's go to 
the Tavern! 


^acA<zei 'pi^ 

Tallahassee, Florida 

"Well, they'll stone you when you when 
you're trying to be so good. 
They'll stone you just like they said they 

They'll stone you when you're trying to go 

They'll stone you when you're there all 

But 1 would not feel so all alone. 
Everybody must get stoned." 
-Bob Dylan 

'Jft<ncat^ ^<jw4«w^ 

Elkton, Maryland 

"If you want, then start to laugh 
If you must, then start to cry 
Be yourself don't hide 
Just believe in destiny. 
Don't care what people say 
Just follow your own way 
Don't give up and use the chance 
To return to innocence." 
- Enigma 

A.D.J. - Thank you! 


Psychology and Humanities 
Cambridge, Maryland 

God is in the details. 

^^fUito^iA&i (}. *P*tecAAecat 

Business Management 
History minor 
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 

"One day you're going to soar like an 


you will run and never grow tired, 

you'll become a new creation, 

if you just keep the faith of a child." -Bill 


Thanks to those who've helped me 
through: Mom, Dad, Kirsten; S.A. office. 
W.C. Swimming: I love you all. 
Jerry: Proverbs 18:24. 


'THatt^eciA^ 'f¥<vtn6^'0*t (^<^U<^^^A&t 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

;4iexaut4!0v^ (^^Uen. 


Plymouth, Massachusetts 

"We work in the dark~we do 
what we can~we give what 
we have. Our doubt is our 
passion, and our passion is 
our task. The rest is the mad- 
ness of Art." 
- Henry James, 
The Middle Years 
(the short story version) 


Mathematics and Computer 


Baltimore, Maryland 

A sincere thank you to all of my 
friends for their unconditional 
kindness and my family for their 

"I never said, ' I want to be alone.' 
I only said, 'I want to be left 
alone.' There is all the difference." 
- Greta Garbo 

S^etC S^<MM!Ut&t 


Business Management minor 

Hampstead, Maryland 

To the guys from Cardinal H, I really will 
call this time. 

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, 
like art.. .It has no survival value, rather it is 
one of those things that give value to sur- 
vival." - C.S. Lewis 

Brett Showalter 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. Nc 
one can tell the difference. 


S^^ifr^ ^^46^/M^ 

International Studies 
Hampstead, Maryland 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Alexis. Four years 
are but one breath in my lifetime. 1 will 
never forget them, not the sacrifices made. 
Jill, you will always have a cherished place 
in my heart and soul. Rowers, remember 
that the pain is only temporary. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for 21 
years of support - 1 think I can 
take it from here! 

P^. "P^Uncdi ^^<ndcHen, 


Towson, Maryland 

This is not the end 

Nor is it the beginning of the end. 

It is only the end of the beginning. 

Give me a lotus. 

To create upon the ivory void, 

A masterpiece of the same design. 

Which \n'\W. alter these lifeless spirits 

Unto another color. 

Mom, Dad [Love] Ted, Jennifer 

/^. TVcOiam ^»4^ 

Political Science 
Catonsville, Maryland 

Words to life by: 

"It's better to keep your mouth shut and 
let people think you're stupid, than to open 
your mouth and prove it." - Dad 


^^tiA ^ofu^^ett 

Business Management 
Annapolis, Maryland 

"Time to move on, time to get 


What lies ahead I have no way 

of knowing 

But under my feet, baby, grass 

is growing 

It's time to move on, time to get 


- Tom Petty 

Sailing team memories: 
Patuxent Inn, big ashtrays, 
gradients, McCurdy, 
"lowriding" with Dina 

^^fUAt<^^iAeft ^. ^e^ 

Christopher R. Head 
"Foot enhammered " 
American Studies 
Lake Forest, Illinois 

Mother and family - 1 love yovi... 
To my brothers, past and present 
- we're rock and rollers with one 
foot in the grave. ..IX 
forever... Andrew, Josh, and 
Michael Battlestar Toblat...l2 
Apostles, 11 sinners, 14 horse- 
men, 11 blind, and 11 prophets. - 
All my boys! "Life ain't nothin' 
but a good groove." BB..."Step 
into my head junior." D&C 

.^(zunxn, '7^^/zt^teee^ 'i^ecctei 

Pshychology and Sociology 
Baltimore, Maryland 

"To laugh often and much, to win the 

respect of intelligent people 

and the affection of children... to leave 

the world a bit better... 

to know even one life had breathed 

easier because you had lived, 

this is to have succeeded." 

- Adapted from an original verse by 
Bessie Anderson Stanley 

"You see things; and you say, "Why?" 
But 1 dream things that never were, and 
I say, "Why not?" 

- George Bernard Shaw 

/4nt^<^^ ^. ^i^^^^ui^ 

Business Management 
Wilmington, Delaware 

"Don't burn bridges. You'll be 
surprised how many times you 
have to cross the same river." 

"Never give up on anybody. 
Miracles happen everyday." - H. 
Jackson Brown 

"It's a question of whether we're 
going to go forward into the 
Future, or past into the back." - 
Dan Quayle 

Thank you to my family for all of 
your support. 


^Cat^tc SetA^ ^{dcUmct^ 

Anthropology minor 
New York, New York 

To my family, because of you, my 
feet shall never touch the stars! I 
love you. 

Girls, when the river eclipsed 
your life, it sent your sould like a 
message in a bottle to me, and it 
was my rebirth. Each day dawns 
but once, so keep it precious. 

Becca - Lean on me 

Aunt Ida - always in my dreams 


Psychology minor 
Lynch, Maryland 

Thanks to my family for all of 
your support. Lainie, thanks for 
being there for all four years, and 
to Susan and April for the past 3 
1 II. Thanks ZTA for all of the 
great memories and friends. 
Always remember Myrtle Beach, 
Bahamas, strawberry daquiris, 
Malibu rum, and late night talks. 




Spanish minor 
Leonardtown, Maryland 

"I'll never reach my destination 
If I never try. 
So I will sail my vessel 
Til the river runs dry." 
- "The River" 
Garth Brooks 

Special Thanks to: 

My parents for their love and 

My friends MM, LBG, AD, LH, 
TS, BD & everyone else - ROCK 
ON!! I love you all!! 

And Dennis ~ you are and 
always will be my sunshine 

'TH^aniaufte ^cddenta/M' 


Everywhere my heart is 

"Some time when the river is ice 
ask me 

mistakes 1 have made. Ask me 

what 1 have done is my life." 
- William Stafford 



Sociology and Humanities 

Darien, Connecticut 

I don't really feel like walking 
at first, 

but somehow 1 feel 1 must; 
Since I have come 
this far, 
to this edge, 
and so 1 walk... 
I don't know why 1 can't see 
clearly the horizon that I've 

Maybe it's the clouds, the smo^ 
Maybe it's the changing. 
- Simon J. Ortiz 


Darien, Connecticut 

"And now I'm glad I didn't know 

the way it all would end 

the way it all would go 

Our lives are better left to chance 

1 could have missed the pain 

But I'd of had to miss 

the dance." 

- Garth Brooks 


/ipnd 'De7K<w 


Anthropology minor 
Crisfield, Maryland 

Mom and Tim - Thanks to you 1 
never missed a rainbow for look- 
ing down. 

To all the flowers in my garden: 
may your live be filled with 
sunshine and always remember: 

Never shall I leave 
the places that I love. 

Never shall they 
go from my heart. 

Even though my eyes 
are somewhere else. 
- Nancy Wood 

Spanish minor 
The world 

My family has been an inspira- 
tion, while Geoff has shown me 
the greatest love in the world. 
A.D. - you helped in finding who 
Beverly really is. You'll forever 
be with me at heart. Don't get 
caught in the 9 to 5 traffic of life 
and know yourself. Thanks A.D. 


American Studies 
Sudlersville, Maryland 

Happiness runs in a circular 

motion, flutters like a little boat 

upon the sea. 

Everybody is apart of everything 


You can have everything if you 

let yourself be. 

Happiness runs in a circular 



S^iMt S- ^jr<Jo^4<>^ 

History minor 
Bel Air, Maryland 

"Let patience have her perfect 
work, that ye may be perfect and 
entire, wanting nothing. 

If any of you lack wisdom, let 
him ask of God." 

James 1: 4-5 


^ictcnoz 'TCj^aief, 


Chicago, Illinois 

Thanks to my family and 
friends for an unforgettable four 

^^zn^ "TCejUtf 

Saleni, Virginia 

"Leave it like it is 
Nevermind the Turpentine 
Just, Leave it like it is 
It's fine." 

- David Wilcox 

Thanks to everyone who helped 
me to grow in these past 4 years. 
I hope 1 have given as much to 
you as you have to me, or at 
least a hug. Dad, Anna, Whit, 
Bush, Jane, Carter, Bill & Mary, 1 
love you. To my friends; 1 
couldn't have made it without 
you. 1 love you Poptarts, you 
know who you are. 


English and Art 
Anchorage, Alaska 

"If knowledge is the key 
Then just show me the lock." 

"So on and on I go 
The seconds tick the time out 
So much left to know 
And I'm on the road to find out, 
- Cat Stevens 

"Like gravy to potatos 
Luke to Darth Vader 
I'm a souped up sucker 
And I'll see you all later." 
- King Ad Rock 

'TCane^ S- "TVnx/^^ 


Chevy Chase, Maryland 

"We are the seeds of the tenacious 
plant, and it is in out ripeness and 
our fullness of heart that we are 
given to the wind and are scat- 

-The Prophet 


Massey, Maryland 

'7H'C<:^ieUc /4 . S^iefipvU 

Dover, Delaware 

Sc9tt 'TCjM^t 

Political Science 
Chestertown, Maryland 

"This country was brought into 
existence by people who were 
tired of tyrranny and oppression 
and expolitations and the brutal- 
ity which was being inflicted 
upon them by powers higher 
than they, and 1 think that it is 
only fair to expect us, sooner or 
later, to do the same." 
- Malcom X 


Brewer, Maine 

"Maybe nothing lasts forever 
Not the mountains or the sea 
But the times we had together 
They will always be with me. " 
- The Samples 

Mom & Dad - 1 love you - thanks 
for everything! 

MKM, BK, KB, WM, BB - and 
many more - you are the greatest 
friends - would've never made it 
without you! 

^ee^y<^ ^e«tee '7CuA*tei 


Lansdale, Pennsylvania 

Happy Painters 

Erikchi + the Rebebel: 
No one knows where those 
two crazies will go ~ 
Every Penny Erikchi! 

Sister Christy: Someday 
God is gonna give you a man 
Sister raisin bran said so. 

Thanks to all my parents and grandmom 
and pop pop. God Bless you W.C. 

Faith: When we walk to the edge of all the 
light that we have and take that step into 
the darkness of the unknown, we must 
believe that one of two things will happen... 
there will be soemthing solid for us to stand 
on, or we will be taught to fly. 


'ZOeHcUf Scce 'TCiuiu^ 

Centreville, Maryland 

I'll tell you how the sun rose— 
A ribbon at a time 
The steeples swam in Amethyst- 
The news, like Squirrels ran— 
The Hills untied their Bonnets— 
The Bobolinks — began — 
The I said softly to myself— 
"That must have been the sun!" 
~ Emily Dickinson 

Special thanks to my mother, 
family, and friends. 

^cften. f. '7H<iS<'intAtf. 


Washington, Connecticut 

"Life moves pretty fast, if you 
don't stop and look around once 
in a while you oculd miss it." 
— Ferris Beuller 

Mom and Dad thanks for all 
your support. Dave and Tim, 
"The inscription only read one 
word. Pals." Jill, you will always 
hold a special place in my heart. 



Cockeysville, Maryland 

Mom, Dad, and Christianna - thank you for 

everything. I love you! 

Anastacia - thank you for your support. I 

love you! 

To everyone - work hard at whatever you do 

but most importantly, don't take yourself too 





Exton, Pennsylvania 

Farewell, and may the Forces of 
Evil become confused on the way 
to your doorstep. 


^<^6€nt S^t(H*t 'THee^ 


Secondary Education Certificate 

Chestertown, Maryland 

"When you discard arrogance, com- 
plexity, and a few other things that 
get in the way, sooner or later you 
will discover that simple, childlike, 
and mysterious secret known to 
those of the Uncarved Block: Life is 
fun. " 

— Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh 

(^ocwtaeep 'TH^^en^ 


3 + 2 program with University of 


North Beach, Maryland 

Wherever you are, it is your own 
friends who make your world. 


^Te^<w^ ^7 'TfUUe^ 

Business Management 
Catonsville, Maryland 

'TC.ectA^ ^ 'THon^^^sut 

Business Management 
Auburn, Maine 

"One only understands the things 
that one tames." 

- The Little Prince 

I've learned more here in four 
years than anywhere else - and 
that's excluding classes - thanks 



S% \ 5t' ^< ^-^ 

'7H<zficc^ '7H<M/^6naff 

Political Science 
History minor 
Estero, Florida 

"All I want to do is have a little fun 
before I die." 

The man next to Sheryl Crow 

Kristen, Thanks for always being 
there on that barstool next to mine. 

To the brothers of Phi Sigma; 
never give in, you are an inspira- 
tion to us all. 

International Studies 
Spanish minor 
Baltimore, Maryland 

"Many Drinks were Drank 
tonight." IE pledge class '91. 
Joker, Coker, Calver, Foofer, 
'Shua, and bates. Talbot '92. 
To NVW: Thanks for the good 
times and for being there during 
the hard times. Thanks Dad, 
Aunty Betsy, Monica and Mat- 
thew. To Nancy: The light and 
love that keeps me going. 


'Tftatt^eciA^ 'D. "TH^innatf, 

Political Science 
Millersville, Maryland 

"1 just wanna look back over all the years 
with you right there standing by my side 
- Marc Colin 

"1 do not choose to be a common man. It is 
my right to be uncommon." 
- Dean Alfange 

"You should do your duty in all things." 
- Lee 

"Seeing a sunset is knowing whom to 
thank." Thanks to all those who made W.C 
special: Mom & Dad, Tom, KA , Coach, 
Shad and Premo, Sharla and most impor- 
tantly — God. 

/i»uOle<^ /?. 'TMfut 


Columbia, Maryland 

"Let them take risks, for Godsake, 
let them get lost, sunburnt, 
stranded, drowned, eaten by 
bears, buried alive under ava- 
lanches ~ that is the right and 
privelege of any free American." 
- Edward Abbey 


S. IHcc/M^. TUcAoU 

Political Science 
Annapolis, Maryland 

To my family, thank you for your 
love and support - 1 couldn't have 
done it without you. I love you 

To my friends, thanks for making 
these the best four years - you are 
all irreplaceable! 

"A real friend is one who walks in 
when the rest of the world walks 

SofloA ^<ZKC&C^ 'TpCMH^ 

International Studies 

South Dartmouth, Massachusetts 

To Mom and Dad, you're my 
biggest heroes! 
To my entire family, for your 
love and encouragement. 
To my friends, for the memo- 
rable, and often blurry times. 

They say life is what you make 
of it - thanks for making mine so 

S^Uc ^. 'D<fUe<i'<ic9- 

Wilmington, Delaware 


'Ti/. 'Sne^tcUiH' 'Ttonnc'i' 

International Studies 
Washington, D.C. 

"True hunting is over. No herds 
to follow. Without game, men 
prey on each other. The family 
weakens by the bite we swal- 
low..." -- Jane's Addiction 

"To be powerful, you need 
friends; to be very powerful, you 
need enemies." 

- The Other Side of Midnight 

Mom and Dad, 

I'm on my way now, thanks to 
you. 1 love you and will never be 
too far away. 

^a4^ S^ 'Ttcuut 

International Studies 
Washington, D.C. 

Thanks to: 

Mark, Teddy, Erik, G, Salad, 
Benji, Brockleman, Doug, Joe, 
Woody, Mucha, Josh, Lipper, 
Kennedy, Peter, Toby, Brian, Tad, 
Benny, Amy, Nicole, Nicole, Kate, 
Liz, and Tory. Special thanks to 

" 1 shall read the writing. " 
— Shakespeare 


"Pti^uc^ /R. OfojUa<^ 


Silver Spring, Maryland 

"I did it my way." - F. Sinatra 
"Dream on 'till your dreams 
come true." — S. Tyler 
"Future Plans: Nationwide Ter- 
rorization. I bet I'm the only guy 
who wrote that in his yearbook 
- H. Rollins 

A special sincere thank you to all 
my friends, and an extra special 
thank you to my family, without 
whom I couldn't have made it 
this far. 

*7^/i<*u!ui ^<ztfto*t O^^sifia- 

Business Management 
Glen Arm, Maryland 

If a man's wealth were measured by 
his friends and family - I'd be the 
wealthiest man that ever lived. 


^ieo^ (I. 'Patten^'O^ 


Spring City, Pennsylvania 

"There is nothing either good or 
bad but thinking makes it so." 
— Shakespeare, Hamlet 

Sa44<ue- "Pitt 


Perryville, Maryland 

"Judge your success by the degree 
that you're enjoying peace, health, 
and love." 

"Don't waste time grieving over 
past mistake, learn from them 
and move on." 

-- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

I would like to thank my family 
and friends for supporting me all 
these years. 


'?C.e*utetA^ f. "Pi^i^^U^ 


Philosophy minor 
Baltimore, Maryland 

There'll be days we'll see each other, 

and one's we won't. 

Times to remember and one's to forget; 

Times to laugh, and times to cry; 

All are days that we'll cherish forever. 

Thanks: Mom, Dad, KA Brothers, and all 

my friends. After all four years, all I can 

do is smile. 

S^an£<t Scie "PtutcCen^ 


Glen Burnie, Maryland 

"To laugh often and much; to win 
the respect of intelligent people 
and the affection of children; to 
know even one life has breathed 
easier because you have lived. 
This is to have succeeded." 
~ Emerson 

Thanks to the incredibly special 
people who made college surviv- 
able and FUN! I love you all! 


Business Management 
North Hollywood, California 

I would like to thank all my family for all the 
support they've given me, especially Alberto 
and my sister Cindy that were there for me 
when I needed them. 

Without them all I would not have been 
able to accomplish what I am today. 
Love you 

'Deefrei^ 'TH^. '^a^pz 

Nashville, Tennessee 


^c»pc ^ean^^C/M. 


Greenwich, Connecticut 

Thanks Mom and Dad, I love 


Game over. 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Mom, Dad, Tom 

Thanks for giving me "the courage to 
stand up and do what needs to be done." 
— Garrison Keillor 

"Love when you can cry when you have 
to, be who you must that's part of the 

plan." -- Dan Fogelberg 
To George for bringing laughter to my rain. 


%% TCat^iee^ Scott 


3 + 2 Nursing Program with 

Johns Hopkins 

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 

Mac, you are always my love of a 
lifetime, thanks for all your love 
and support through this. Mom, 
Dad, you have always been there 
for me, thanks. Mommom, 
Poppop I couldn't have done this 
without you. Christy, you are a 
great friend and a better nurse 
(soon). SMILE! 


Palm Beach, Florida 

Thanks to my family for all of 
your support. 

And thanks to everyone who 
enjoyed a box of wine with me... 

Especially Tory, Nicole, and my 
many roommates from 211 

ANDREW. Good Luck! 


P^<mA ^(M£,H<itac^ 

International Studies 
Hagerstown, Maryland 

Mom, thanks for all the love and 
support, you're the best. Alison, I 
couldn't have made it this far 
w^ithout you, thanks for every- 

"Time is like a handful of sand. 
The tighter your grasp it, the 
faster it runs through your fin- 
gers. But if you caress it, it will 
leave in its wake memories of its 
gentle flow, rather than a rough- 
ness of its stones. " 
— Anonymous 

^&A*t n. S^<i«Ui<stA^^<t, ^. 


St. Michaels, Maryland 

"The universe has an attitude." 
— Calvin 

"If young man you wander south- 

You will be challenged by a 
superior test. 

To pass you must merely survive 
The forgotten jungle that is dead 
and alive." ~ The Poet '95 

"It's taking me five years but it is 
easy. " ~ Leroy Gatell 


/4(*uf^ ^et^ Sou^tUd' 


Rhodesdale, Maryland 

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that 
is not what ships are built for. " 

- William Shedd 

"Those who contemplate the 
beauty of the Earth find reserves 
of strength that will endure as 
long as life lasts." 

— Rachel Carlson 

International Studies 
Economics concentration 
Glyndon, Maryland 

"I grew proud of the enemy who 
had killed my brothers...2,000 
miles from home, without hope 
and without guides, in conditions 
mad enough to break the bravest 
nerves... they were glorious." 
— T. E. Lawrence 

Take up the White Man's burden- 
Have done with childish days-- 

The lightly proffered laurel. 
The easy, ungrudged praise. 


International Studies 
Anthropology minor 
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

"....looking at the stars always 
makes me dream." 

—Vincent Van Gogh 
"Live your own life 
As for the critic- 
let brainstorms and maledictions 
sweep him away!" 

— Sappo 

Amities to all those who care 
along the way. 

^a(Md 'IdcfrCit^u^ 

International Studies 
Economics minor 

"Education does not change life 
much. It just lifts trouble to a 
higher plane of regard... College 
is a refuge from hasty judgment." 
— Robert Frost 

Thanks to all, and you know who 
you are, for supporting me in my 
college years. 



East Dennis, Massachusetts 

"Not 'till we are lost, in other 
words not 'till we have lost the 
world, do we begin to find our- 
selves, and realize where we are 
and the infinite extent of our 

- Henry David Thoureau 

Congratulations to you. Mum and 
Dad, two down, one to go! I love 

Political Science 
Newark, Delaware 

"Above all, may we think clearly, 
act decisively, and care tenderly. 
Because without knowledge there 
is no future, and without caring, 
there is no hope." 

-- Dr. Antonia C. Novello 

To my parents, my family, my 
ZTA sisters. Dean Mclntire, Dean 
Maxcy and Diane, thank you for 
all your support. 


(2.^ncAtop^€fi TV. TOetcA. 

History Minor 
Newburyport, Massachusetts 

Mom, Dad and Mimi: thank you 
for everything. 

^cuaJL. 7(/dcA 

Sociology minor 
Dover, Delaware 

"That which does not kill us 
makes us stronger. " 
— Nietzche 

Mom and David - Thanks for 
always supporting me. You 
mean the world to me, I'll love 
you always! 

Amy - Thanks for always being 
there when 1 needed you. Love 

Jenny - Thanks for everything! 
Good luck! 

Debbie - Stay strong! 


'THeioHce TOe^tt^ 

Art History 

Business Management minor 

Alloway, New Jersey 

"Reality is something you rise 
above." — Liza Minelli 

"Life is what happens to you 
while you're making other plans." 
— Betty Talmadge 

"Many a man who thinks to 
found a home discovers that he 
has merely opened a tavern for 
his friends." — Norman Douglas 

/HU^^fM ^osut TVonneU 

Haddonfield, New Jersey 

Thank you Mom and Dad. I love 


Thanks to my friends for making 

the past four years unforgettable. 

And to Tony, thanks for always 

being there for me. I love you! 

'THeicd^ 7Ve*tt^ 

Business Management 

Alloway, New Jersey 

Mom and Dad - thanks you for 
your love and support. 

"I go to parties 
sometimes until four, 
it's hard to leave 
when you can't find the door. 
Life's been good to me so far..." 
~ Joe Walsh 


Paris, Maine 

"In the end, we will conserve 
only that which we love, love 
only what we understand, under- 
stand only what we are taught." 

— Baba Droum 

1 will miss Washington College 
greatly. Thanks for everything. 


Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Debbie. 
I'm almost done! Wendy and 
Erichead, you're the best! Profes- 
sor McKillop, Dean Wolff, Den- 
nis Berry, Diane Larrimore, 
Steve, Travis, Massoni, and Nick 
(Tavern) - Thanks for keeping me 

Rachel, you've always been my 

"That's my story and I'm sticking 
to it..." 

— Jimmy Buffet 


'7H<vuf, ^nice Ti^ce/i 

Richmond, Virginia 

Love and thanks to all. 

^'iUA^n^ite ^o^^ena^ 

Political Science 
Richmond, Virginia 

1 love you Mom and Dad. 

'7H<^x ^cj^etd - 'Ti^ic/^. 

(}&UAt9'frA&i ^<^ 

Scarsdale, New York 

Well, it's about time! 
Meg and K.L. It's been real - let's 
shoot pool. C.R., M.P.W., C.K. - 
times were good, but it's time to 
move on. Good luck! S.l. BRASS 
MONKEY - yum- Thanks for 
always being there. 1 couldn't 
have done it without you. Mom, 
thanks for always believing in me. 


'Su*t*uf ^^eA 


Columbia, Maryland 

"Life is like a box of chocolates. 
You never know what you're 
gonna get." 

Thanks to all my "girlfriends" at 
Cardinal A, Cardinal D, K.L., 
Y.N., L.H., P.D. You guys are the 
best. Most of all, thanks to my 
family, especially Mom and Dad. 

^<zcH€^ /iCfuinef 

Business Management 
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico 

"All men die, not all men really 


^(Hcc Su^<z«t*te 'WcaeCe^ 

Business Management 
"I'd do it again." 

'TH^x TOaitM. 

/4<*uf' 'f^euted^ 

"Make friends with fear because it 
will not go away, and it will 
destroy you if left uncontrolled." 

—John Grisham, "A Time To 


Federalsburg, Maryland 

"Maturity is a high price to pay for 
growing up." 

I'll always treasure the friendships 
which started and have grown 
during my college years. And to 
Mom and Dad 1 give my sincerest 
thanks for always understanding 
me and being there whenever I 
needed you. I love you!! 

'^e^eccea 'S*Uf€Mt 


Richmond, Virginia 

"Once written down, I could see 
that the statement, 'The true 
artist helps the world by reveal- 
ing mystic truths,' was on the one 
hand a silly idea and yet, on the 
other hand, I believed it... It 
depends on how you interpret it 
and how seriously you take 

- —Bruce Nauman, contempo- 
rary American artist 



'^ ^ 



LFC, basketball, training 
room, coaches, running, soccer, 
teammates, softball, spirit, 
goal, practice, dedication, the 
Marseys, field hockey, fields, 
Mark Laursen, the victory bell, 
lacrosse, Cain, baskets, fans, 
rowing, boathouse, cheering, 
athletic tape, baseball, exhaus- 
tion, defeat, Kibler field, away 
games, adrenaline, volleyball, 
rivalry, swimming, van rides, 
sprints, Hfting, spring training, 
fall ball, early mornings, late 
nights, victory 


Soccer Ends 15 Yr. Drought 

Miller Breaks School Record For Shutouts 

The '94 soccer season 
represented the first 
winning season in 15 years 
and the first ever under 
Coach Todd Helbhng. The 
team finished with a 
record of 8-7-4 improving 
on last year's mark of 7-8- 
3. The high point of their 
season occurreci when 
they won 5 straight games. 
Three of the wins were 
conference matches and 
were shutouts! An 
impressive feat for the 
young team. Four of the 
Sho'men losses were by 
only 1 goal. 

Ten Players contributed 
to the scoring this year, 
proving how talented and 
well-roundeci the team 
was. The team was led by 
Sophomore Andrew King, 
who received top scoring 

honors (5 goals, 4 assists), 
junior defenseman Chip 
Helm (1 goal, 4 assists) 
and senior goalkeeper 
Greg Miller. Miller posted 
a record 9 shutouts and 
made 128 saves, while 
giving up only 21 goals in 
19 games. Miller ended 
his years at WC impres- 
sively - he was named the 
goalkeeper for the All- 
Centennial Men's soccer 
first team and also placed 
second in the voting for 
Player of the Year. Chip 
Helm was rewarded for 
his strong defensive skills 
by being named to the All- 
Centennial Second team. 
He will continue to be a 
force in the backfield next 

The team graduates 
only two players - Matt 
Murray and Miller. Chris 

Downs and Mike Gill are 
ready and waiting to fill 
Miller's shoes in the goal. 
The seven juniors on the 
team will be returning to 
lead the team to an even 
better season. The players 
were definitely excited 
about their season. Senior 
Matt Murray stated that it 
was " a great year ... we 
played like a real team, 
and reached our goal of a 
winning season." Al- 
though Coach Helbling 
noted that the team 
showed its youth and 
inexperience occasionally, 
he was proud of the great 
effort that the young team 
always put forth. The 
players and coach are 
looking forward to an 
even more successful 
season in '95. 

by Liza Dickson 




^ '1 

f :-. # 


1 ijii^i^\/ 

\ ShM M 

f Ml* 1 ^y^ 



s-~ ^if^^^f 


Field Hockey Is On The Ball In 94 

The 1994 Sho'women 
field hockey team came 
off a rough 1993 season 
to explode in 1994. 
Losing only three 
seniors and gaining a 
strong crew of fresh- 
man, the Sho'women 
felt they were ready to 
take on any opponent. 
With a 4-5 record in the 
Centennial Conference 
and an overall record of 
6-8-1, the Sho'women 
proved themselves. 

Teamwork was the 
key to the Sho'women 
this season. When 
asked who she felt was 
the key player for the 
team, sophomore 
Marcia Flynn said, "The 

whole team stood out. 
We were all key play- 
ers." Defensively, 
Coach Sarah Feyerherm 
noted that junior co- 
captain Jen Haiiifee was 
the leader. Oii the 
offensive side the 
leading scorers were 
junior co-captain Jill 
Schultz, freshmen 
Nicole Mills and Sarah 

The Sho'women had 
many memorable 
moments this season. 
Coach Feyerherm 
believes that the defeat 
of Gettysburg was the 
season highlight: "Be- 
cause Gettysburg ended 
up winning the Centen- 

nial Conference and 
getting a bid in the 
NCAA tournament the 
win was especially 
significant." The 1-0 
victory was attributed 
to the excellent efforts of 
Stephanie Self in the 
goal and to Helen Pitts 
who scored the lone 

Coach Feyerherm is 
confident that next 
season the field hockey 
team will be even 
stronger. The return of 
all players will contrib- 
ute to make the team a 
major contender in the 
Centennial Conference. 
bv Sara Neutzel 


Volleyball Takes 

Individual Players Shine For Team 

The Shorewomen's 1994 volleyball team was a 
strong group of players. According to their 
coach Penny Fall" they were a talented group, 
although the results were disappointing. They 
won 17 games, and had 21 loses, which was 
hard to take." Beverly Diaz stated, " The most 
challenging game was the tournament on the 
weekend of November 5-7 when the team 
played Penn State, had a downfall, and then 
beat them. They came in seventh in the tour- 
nament. The team was very emotional, and 
had both ups and downs." Two of the teams 
key players Bev Diaz and Rebecca Stevens 
were inspirational in team leadership. Bev 
made the second team all conference, and 
Rebecca made all conference honor roll. Tina 
Smith stated, " The entire team was extremely 
talented but we lost the drive to win." Kari Lee 
said, " Although we had alot of potential, we 
weren't able to pull it all together when we 
really needed it." Although it was a tough 
year, the players are optimistic about a win- 
ning season next year, by Renee Ravenel 


fO ^i 


*^iv '# .« 


Shoremen Dunk 

Young Team Has Wiiuiiug Season 

The 1994-95 Shoremen basketball team etched 
another mark on the court this year with their 
fifteenth winning season in sixteen years. The 
Shoremen ended their season with a 7-6 record 
in the Centennial Conference and 13-11 record 
overall. Coach Tom Finnegan attributes the 
wins to a young team that came together for a 
winning season and a bid for the NCAA tour- 
nament. Although the Shoremen did not 
appear in the tournament they proved to other 
teams that they come on strong and fight for 
court domination. 

This season saw some awesome offense by 
team captain Ben Harris and senior Jerry Davis. 
Ben was the teams leading scorer this season 
with and average of 20 points a game. Ben also 
added a strong three point game to the 
Shoremen's offense. Jerry contributed two 
twenty point games this season against Wesley 
and Swarthmore. Other contributers to the 
Shoremen's strong offense were junior Adam 
Poe and sophomore Derek Cuff. 

Defensively the Shoremen depended on the 
rebounding and blocking power of Jerry Davis. 
Jerry is the only player being lost to graduation. 
For the past two season Jerry has been the 
starting center and has contributed a lot to the 
teams niorale. Coach Tom Finnegan says, " 
Jerry has come a long way in four years. From 
a player that barely made the team as a fresh- 
man to our starting center." The coach and 
team are grateful for his improvement and 

The Shoremen are looking forward to next 
seasons challenges. With a strong core of 
returning players such as Ed Hicks, Bradd 
Burkhart, and Matt King the Shoremen hope to 
show court superiority. 

by Sara Neutzel 

..r— >-r22S^^^*' 




Showomen Basketball 

Has Successful 2nd 


The women's 
basketball team 
entered this season 
with only three 
returning players. 
In only their sec- 
ond season com- 
peting as a varsity 
team, the 
coached by Lanee 
Cole, went 13-13 
and earned a spot 
in the Centennial 
Conference play- 
offs. The team was 
led by sophomore 
co-captains Lee 
Ann Lezzer, Eboni 
Taylor, and Allison 
Wentworth. Tay- 
lor, who led the 
team in scoring 
and rebounding, 
was named to the 
2nd team All - 
Conference. Lezzer 
and Wentworth 
received Centen- 
nial Conference 
Academic Honors. 
Freshmen Megan 
Miller, Hilary 
Rainey, Shannon 
Rump, Karen 
Sieger, and Kristen 
Snell were assets 
to the team and 
contributed to the 

team's success. 

Sho'women de- 
feated many Cen- 
tennial Conference 
opponents this 
season, including 
an upset over 
Conference cham- 
pion Ursinus. The 
team defeated 
Muhlenberg to 
earn a spot in the 

they were de- 
feated early on in 
the playoffs, the 
showed the Cen- 
tennial Conference 
that they will be a 
team to be reck- 
oned with in the 
coming season. 
Their quest for the 
conference title 
will continue in the 
coming year. Los- 
ing no players to 
graduation, a 
strong and experi- 
enced team will 
return to pound 
the boards — and 
their opponents — 
in '96. 
bv Allison Wentworth 


Men's Swimming Continues Tradition 

Shoremen Have Yet Another Successful Season 

The men's swim team finished an outstanding year with a record of 8-2. The Shoremen, a stron 
team of returning veterans, showed their prowess whenever they took to the pool. They were 
victorious over every competitor, giving up wins only to Swarthmore and Gettysburg. 

The team crowned its success with a trip to conference championships. Here they showed 
their skill when each swimmer that went placed in the top fourteen. Two gold medals were 
earned: Dave Cola, Peter Ward, Dave "Bama" Potter and Tim Parent in the 400m free Relay, anc 
Ward, Potter, Parent and Jason Campbell in the 200 medley relay. Cola earned a silver in the 
1650m (mile) free, while Campbell earned a bronze for breaking a minute in the 100m breast- 

Another standout during the season was Parent, who broke the school record in the 50m 
freestyle with a time of 22 seconds. 

The team loses many of its strong senior swimmers this year. Co-captains Chris Freisheim ! 
and Dave Cola, Jason Campbell and Tyler McCarthy will all graduate, leaving a young team. 
The seniors will be missed, but the Shoremen hope to "keep the tradition strong" by building 
another promising team in the winter of 1995. u, u .i p-i 




Women's Swim Team Makes Big Splash 

Heads to Regional Championships 

Amazing and fantastic are two words that describes this year's women's swim team. After a 2 
record last season, the women set seven new school records this year and defeated some school' 
for the first time, including Franklin & Marshall, Ursinus, and Dickinson. 

Captains Amy Draper and Jen Dow led the team to a stunning season. The women's team 
traveled to the regional championships and placed third. This is the first time the women's tean 
has placed this high in years. Freshman Barbara Murphy commented, "The combination of 
young blood and seasoned veterans reinforced the team as a whole. Working side by side with 
the upperclassmen taught us a lot while teaching them new lessons as well." 

The women's swim team was mainly composed of freshmen with only nine returning team 
members. Raising star and freshmen Danielle Sullivan broke school records in both the 200 
meter and 100 meter free-style events. Captain and only senior Amy Draper encouraged her 
young team to victory and her leadership will be sorely missed next year. 

The women continually won their meets with high scores, losing only two matches to 
Gettysburg and Swarthmore. Twelve women qualified for the Centennial Conference Champi- 
onships held in mid-February at Swarthmore. Junior Megan Bradley and freshmen Meredith 
Bathgate and Darlene Schaub all swam nationally-ranked times. Freshman Danielle Sullivan 
broke three school records. 

While this year's women's swim team's success was a surprise, overall the 1994-94 swim team 
greatly improved from last year, earning respect from their competition. 

by Mary Jefferson and Jennifer 



Tough Season For WC Lax 

The men's lacrosse 
team went into the '95 sea- 
son with high hopes for a 
Division III title. Con- 
tinual tough losses, 
plagued the team, but 
those hopes remained 
high throughout the sea- 

The Shoremen had 
some tough early losses to 
Division 1 teams, includ- 
ing Navy and Johns 
Hopkins. A strong cie- 
fense, consisting of Bart 
Jaeger, Greg Tomasso, 
Christian Boone and Matt 
Zarinko kept the losses 
from seeming too great, 
all of them within a one or 
two point span. 

Perhaps the most solid 
performance of the sea- 
son came against confer- 
ence rival Franklin and 

Marshall. Senior co-cap- 
tain Boone led the offense 
in an impressive attack on 
the F&M defense. The 
Shoremen continued to 
face the one-point win, 
though, as F&M defeated 
them 9-10. 

A strong underclass- 
man contingent was an ad- 
vantage for the Shoremen. 
Freshman players like 
Mike Wilson, Howie 
Kronthal and goalie Andy 
Taibl gained invaluable 
experience this season, 
while experienced older 
players like Tomasso and 
Andrew Van Ogtrop, Jae- 
ger, and goalie Jon 
Lundberg improved with 
every game. 

Two Shoremen were 
named to the Centennial 
All-Conference team, Co- 

captain Jesse Cook, ar 
junior Greg Tomass 
while Boone received ho: 
orable mention. 

The team loses four s 
niors to graduation. Ma 
Zarinko, Jerry Davis, Gre 
Miller, and Boone have & 
played for the Shoreme 
since their freshman yea 
and will be missed by tl 

Despite a rough seaso: 
the Shoremen have a ne 
year to look forward t 
Team spirit reamins higl 
and the players ai 
psyched. Andwithalarg 
underclassmen team r' 
turning to the field wit 
experience on their sidi 
the Shoremen might hav 
a shot at that Division titl 
in '96. 

by Krissie Callahan 

f4„ ,_g:; 



w ..:»A,.^ ' V 








Women's Lacrosse Rebuilds 

A young 

ihorewomen lacrosse 
earn headed to the field 
ihis season, with enthu- 
siasm and energy in 

Unfortunately, that 
enthusiasm wasn't 
enough to win games, 
rhe Shorewomen faced 
repeated poundings to 
Ilonference and non- 
Clonference rivals, but 
their spirit remained 

After losing junior 
Megan McCurdy to a 
knee injury halfway 
through the season, the 

Young Team Gains Experience 

young team continued 
to face their opponents 
with amazing effort and 

The team faced tough 
losses to Ursinus and 
Dickinson, but experi- 
enced juniors Jill Schultz 
and Peggy Busker pro- 
vided the team with 
leadership and sports- 
manship that helped the 
Shorewomen, and 
Coach Feyerherm, find 
something positive in 
every game. Sopho- 
mores Amy Scarlett, 
Elizabeth Moga, and 
Marcia Flinn guided the 

team to some impressixe 
plays during the season. 

Sophomores Liz 
Mangano and Becky 
Stephens were new ad- 
ditions to the team this 
year. Mangano, in her 
first season ever as a la- 
crosse player amazed 
fans and teammatesalike 
as a defense player, aid- 
ing Schultz in attacks on 
their opponents. 

Several freshman 
players contributed to 
the team's improvement 
throughout the year. 
Brigid Kohsh and Amy 
Hartsock will return to 

the team next year, 
bringing experience and 
positive attitudes with 

With spirit and expe- 
rience behind them, the 
team is guaranteed a 
better season next year. 
They may have had a 
losing season in '95, but 
the Shorewomen will 
come out fighting in % 
to a\enge those losses. 

bv Krissie Callahan 


Perseverence Prevails in Men's Crew 

Tcajii Readies Championship Goal 

throughout the season, 
the men faced bigger, 
more intimidating 
crews, they repeatedely 
gave them a run for 
their money, often 
beating theni to the 
finish Une. The coopera- 
tive efforts of coaches 
(Mike Davenport and 
Matt Conaty), captains 
(Doug Peterson and 
Adam Scholl), rowers 
and coxswains (Skip 
Gibson, Tom Webb, and 
Karen Wright), led the 
team to an unforgettable 

The men's team 
faced many challenges 

this year, but perhaps 
the most ardent was 
their pursuit to race 
what has been tradition- 
ally the most competive 
boat on the water — the 
Men's Varsity Eight. 
Race after race, the men 
improved their rowing 
styles and racing tech- 
niques. Their hard work 
and perseverence led 
them to their goal to 
race at the Champion 
Regatta at Worcester, 

Overall, the 
varsity 8 (Skip Gibson, 
Adam Scholl, Mike 
Beardsley, Regis de 
Ramel, Doug Peterson, 

John Shannahan, James 
Pitt, Harrison Gallagher, 
Steve Kim) finished the 
season 18-24, the varsity 
4 (Karen Wright, Adam 
Scholl, Doug Peterson, 
Regis de Ramel, James 
Pitt) blew the competi- 
tion out of the water 
with a 9-0 record, with a 
close following by the 
varsity 2- (Scholl/ 
Peterson, Beardsley/ 
Shannahan) at 10-2, and 
competitive results from 
singles Brendan Norris 
(8-5) and Jeff Lee (6-6), 
and the novice 8 (Patrick 
Walters, Fredl Kanther, 
Andrew Stein, Tyler 
Benedum, Chris Pelz, 

Kevin Quinn, Dan 
Biscoe, Mike Haggerty, 
Tim Tawney) finishing 
with a strong 34-14. 

The underdog 
spirit of the team provec 
to be a huge motivating 
factor for the men but 
also inspired fellow 
rowers to persevere in 
their competitive pur- 
suits. The leadership of 
the coaches and captain; 
as well as each indi- 
vidual rowers desire to 
win made it the most 
successful rowing 
season for the men's 
team in Washington 
College history, 
by Jennifer Dougherty 



Actions Speak 

Louder Than 





Women's Crew 

Garners Medals 

and Goals 

Throughout the year, the women's 
team erged, lifted, ran, jumped rope, and 
rowed their way towards their goals. 
With the coaching of Mike Davenport, 
Will Brandenburg, and Kara 
Wiesenbaugh, the leadership of captains, 
Tonya Howell and Jennifer Dougherty, 
and the power of the crews, the women 
had a great year of learning, rowing, and 

The women's lightweight four (Chris 
Chiachiaro, Tabor Overall, Melisa Olson, 
Amy Peterson, Anne Petracco) was a 
highly motivated and dedicated crew, 
completing the spring season with an 11- 
5 record. All of the women will be back 
next year and will be joined by the talents 
of the new varsity lightweights. 

The "Dynamic Duo" (Robyn Mitchell, 
Liza Dickson), self-named for their racing 
in a double, showed true motivation and 
desire as they raced, uncoxed, in one of 
the most difficult boats to race earning a 
well deserved 4-1 season record. Shelly 
«J Waltimeyer raced the season in a single 
and was the recipient of the Spirit 
Award, given to the rower who most 
emulates the spirit and heart of a rower. 

The women's varsity four (Lisa Brown, 
Tonya Howell, Stacey Hammond, Laurel 
Harris, Jennifer Dougherty) had a very 
competitive season finishing with an 
impressive record of 25-17, rowing 
through injuries, illnesses, and various 
frustrations to achieve their goal of racing 
at the Champion Regatta in Worcester, 

The women, as a whole, showed a lot 
of heart, strength, and devotion to each 
other and to the sport throughout the 
year. Look forward to hearing great 
things about them all on the water next 
year, as results from the novice 4 (Beth 
Moser, Katie Lambrou, Hilary Rainev, 
Heather Beauchamp, Jessica Woltman) at 
5-4 and the novice 8 (Stacey Waicker, Jen 
Sands, Keeling Harris, Tara McKee, Kim 
Stuckey, Carrie Smith, Barbaranne 
Mocella, Nikki Santella, Robin Ridgeway) 
at 27-13 indicate a strong upcoming 
varsity crew. By Jennifer Dougherty 


Men's Tennis Continues Astounding Success 

The men's tennis team started the fall season 
very strong after having conquered the 1994 
NCAA III title. During the fall freshman Robin 
Sander became the Rolex champion in singles 
and doubles with his partner Miro Beran. By 
playing tough tennis during the spring the 
Shoremen defeated teams such as the University 
of Pennsylvania. 

The men's tennis team competed against dif- 
ferent Division 1 schools, they even went to 
California for the Spring Break. The Shoremen 
got important wins against Southern California, 
Claremont College, and U. C. Riverside. They 
lost to their rival U. C. Santa Cruz over the 
spring-break. They won the national title over 
them in 1994 and faced them again in the finals of 
1995 in which they finished second. This year 

more members of the team got to Nationals: 
Robin Sander #1 national played hard and lost 
against Damian Polla #2 for the national title. 
Mike Kember and Miro Beran also joined thei 
national championships, but lost in the first 
rounds. Other players such as Andrew King and 
Andrew Moffat were outstanding and essential 
through the season. They conquered the Centen-j- 
nial Conference title and maintain a positive 
attitude and hard work through the season. This 
year's outcome shows the effort of each member 
to achieve such incredible goals. Tim Gray has | 
built a strong team that will remain at Washing- 
ton College and will continue to achieve higher 
goals over the years. 

By Paulina Sierra Samano 




Sho'women Tennis Ranked Among The Best 

The 1995 wo- 
nen's tennis spring sea- 
ion will be remembered 
IS one of the best in a long 
ime. Overcoming diffi- 
:ult factors, the team 
:ame through with a 
ecord of 10-5 and a sec- 
ond place in the Centen- 
\ial Conference. 

It seemed as if 
here were no obstacles 
he team could not con- 
juer. They started the 
;eason with a difficult 
OSS to Salisbury, but 
jounced back the next 
nonth with their best win 
;ver over Mary Washing- 
on, a team ranked #10 

This year the 

team had three strong 
freshmen: Anabel Flores 
at number one, Paulina 
Sierra, number two, both 
from from Mexico, and 
Meghan Brumby. These 
freshmen players helped 
the team to their success, 
while senior Diana 
Clausen#3 played solid, 
as always, leading her 
teani to important victo- 
ries. Kim Prettyman 
(number 6) played an im- 
portant role, giving some 
wins to the team. Amy 
Rizzitello (number four) 
had a tough year, but 
came up with strong wins 
over her opponents. 
Vicky Roth (number five) 
had an outstanding sea- 

son, taking revenge for 
some of her tough 
matches last year . Mel- 
issa Ellswager and Ann- 
Marie Malena fought 
hard and were considered 
essential to the team's suc- 

The assistant 
coaches Todd Helbling 
and Dave Paschal helped 
the team achieve some of 
its goals. The season 
ended strong as Kim 
Prettyman and Anabel 
Flores conquered the sec- 
ond place in doubles 
while Paulina Sierra got 
the singles title in the Cen- 
tennial Conference 
Championships. Later 
that same week at the 

Athletic banquet, 

Prettyman was recog- 
nized as the most im- 
proved plaverand Sierra 
Samone and I'lores as 
most \'aluable players. 

Flores's perfor- 
mance earned her a berth 
at Nationals. Close to be- 
coming All- American, 
she lost in the second 
round and became top 30 
in the nation. 

With such strong 
performances, and the 
loss of only one senior to 
graduation, it seems that 
the Shorewomen are 
headed to a strong sea- 
son in '96. 
bv Paulina Sierra Samone 




10-8 Centennial record tops successful baseball season 

j The 1995 Wash- 

[ngton College baseball 
ieam finished the sea- 
Jon with a successful 15 
Ivin and 12 loss record. 
After compiling a 
lisappointing one win, 
rour loss record during 

I he annual spring trip to 
iHorida, the Sho'men 
von 14 of the remaining 

II games on the sched- 
ile. A pitching staff that 
vas very questionable at 
he beginning of the sea- 
son, slowly developed 

into a very effective unit. 
Veteran junior 
Kevin Roland, counted 
on to head the staff was 
lost early due to a shoul- 
der injury. However, 
junior Brian Rush, 
sophomore Scott Quinn, 
senior Andy Moore and 
freshmen Nate Tyler 
and Paul Taylor contrib- 
uted effectively to the 
success of the season. 
Rush, although the 
starting catcher when 
not pitching, was the 

staff leader with 5 wins 
and 3 losses. 

O f f e n s i V e 1 y 
sophomore Scott Quinn 
was the leading hitter 
with a .401 batting fol- 
lowed closely by sopho- 
more Jarrett Pasko 
(.347) and senior Andy 
Moore (.338). 

College's record in the 
Centennial Conference 
was 10 wins and 8 losses. 

Brian Rush was 
selected to the 1995 Cen- 

tennial All Conference 
First Team at the posi- 
tion of catcher. In 1994 
he was selected to the 
second team at the same 

Victories were re- 
corded over Western 
New England College, 
Muhlenberg ( twice ), Lin- 
coln U. (twice), Johns 
Hopkins U., Gettysburg, 
Dickinson, Haverford 
(twice), Swarthmore 
(twice), Gallaudet 
(twice) and Ursinus. 
Losses were to Stony 
Brook U., Susquehanna, 
Rutgers-Newark, SUNY 
Brockport, F&M ( twice ), 
Johns Hopkins U., 
Gettysburg, Dickinson, 
West. Md. (twice) and 

By Coach Ed Athey 

f ^ 



spirit And Drive Win For Sho'women Softball 

While only having 

ne senior member the 

ho'women achieved 

he best overall and 

onference softball 

jrecord in the history of 

ashington College. 

After ten non-conf er- 

pnce games played in 

Florida during Spring 

Break against Univer- 

ity of Wisconsin River 

Falls, Fontbonne, 

Simpson, UW Stout, 

UW Superior, Illinois 


Montclaire College, 

UW La Crosse, and UW 

Oshkosh, the softball 

team came home with 

a new meaning for the 
phrase "Spring Train- 
ing" and was ready to 
jump into the spring 
season with much ex- 

Freshmen pitchers 
Emily Kessler, 

Bridgette Maloney, Sh- 
annon Rump, and 
Tanya Bennett helped 
the team achieve per- 
sonal victories in 
Florida, leading to two 
wins over Franklin and 
Marshall after defeat- 
ing past competitors 
Gettysburg and 


The team has im- 

proved greatly com- 
pared to the last few 
years, with advances in 
pitching and the advan- 
tage of experience. 
With veterans like 
shortstop Tara Rathel, 
the team's only senior, 
junior outfielder Denise 
Hakanson, third base 
Amy Povloski, center 
fielder Leanne Cole, 
Mehssa Kordula at sec- 
ond base and Michelle 
Chin in the outfield, the 
overall winning season 
(13-11) proved to be 
worth the exceptional 
effort put out by return- 
ing players and a strong 

freshman class, includ- 
ing Gina Coco, Sarah 
Sobon, Beth Doppler, 
and Karen Sieger. 

The Sho'women re- 
mained enthusiastic in 
the field and on the 
bench, proving that 
team spirit is a defini- 
tive factor in compet- 
ing for Conference 

By Mary Jefferson 


'OK' " 




Extra curricular, time, 
committment. Terra Firma, 
projects, social, co-educational, 
languages, Hillel, rugby, volun- 
teer, advisors, career oriented, 
dedication, ODK, international, 
political. Hands Out, recre- 
ational, honorary. Dale Adams, 
parties, service projects. Writ- 
ers Union, presidents. Histori- 
cal Society, phone calls, meet- 
ings. Target Tutoring, ice 
hockey, community, diversity, 


A I 

OfficersiJames Baker, President;Sonja 
Wilson, Vice President; Elizabeth Likens, 
Treasurer: Sharla Ponder, Secretary; 
Robert Moran, Student Life Chair;Douglas 
Beckworth, Honor Board Chair; Ken 
Pipkin, Parlimentarian; Dr. Kevin 
McKillop, Faculty Advisor 

The Student Government Association 
supports many campus groups, including 
clubs, club sports, and Student Activities. 
The S.G.A. is also the formal arena through 
which the student body may voice concerns 
and address campus issues. The weekly 
meetings' minutes are posted in residence 
halls by the senators, so that students can 
keep up to date on the issues before the 
S.G.A. The constitution is printed annually 
in the Student Handbook. 

^oitoncciiC Societtf^ 

Dawn Simms, President 


"P^xpcAato^ ^Cu^ 

Laura Heidel, Douglas Beckworth, Co- 

_.■; Lainie Goldsmith, Stacey Waicker, Heather 

^^^ Noble, Allsion Weller, Erric Hetzer, Paula 

fS^fL Link, Tina Balin, Allison Tuttle, Shawntel 

• F "^ Fitzgerald 

> ^1 

P^ ^^ 

Tina Welch, Shawntel Fitzgerald, Co- 
presidents;Dr. Kerchner, Advisor 

Laura Flynn, Stephen Fuchs, Jenny Rock, 
James Baker, Amy Hanes, Sonja Wilson, 
Stephen Solomon, Melissa Olson, Laure 
Bradley, Jenny An, Jennifer Hanifee, Shannon 
Metcalf, Arlene George-Williams, Richard 
McKee, Chela Hutchinson, Judy Berry, Pat 

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in 
Psychology. Its purpose is encouraging, 
stimulating, and maintaining excellence in 
scholarship and advancing the science of 


'20(Mte*ui S(^ccen. (^Cct6^ 

(top to bottom, left to right): Coach Bill 
Griffin, Jennifer Canatella, Kelly Scott, Amy 
Harmon (treasurer), Christy Belliveau 
(captain), Gary Kelly, Karen Carver, Sara 
Neutzel, Erin Wade, Allison Breidenstein, 
Carrie Persina, Curtina Arnold, Curtia 
Arnold, Natalie Smith, Eileen Kuriger, Amv 
Pvloski, Kamala Gordon, Nicole Zemanski, 
and Kelly Eakin (Not pictured). 

The Women's Soccer Club completed its third 
season in the fall of '94 here at WAG. Senior 
Bill Griffin coached them to a victorious 2-1 
record. This year's opponents included 
Goldey-Beacom and St. John's College. 



^oUe<f6^zU (}CuS 

Merrit Burke, Chris Downs, Todd Barto, 
James Alvarez, Greg Gibson, Charles 
^ Bucknor, Rob Cronin, Geoff Bley, Tyler 
McCarthy, Gene Vassel 

Beverly Diaz, Coach; Kari Lee, Tina Smith, 
Assistant Coaches 



^Ce<^'^iatn<i^ 'D<^uciAtenA 

Paul Bayne, Dani Heath, Chris Chiarchiaro, 
Rachael Fink, Denise Heath 

Robert Bull, Kathy Wave Advisors 

Erica Estep, President; Slnyrlneejolinson, Treasurer and 
Vice President; Ronnetta Cliurch, Secretary; Iris Lewis, 
Parlimentarian; Tiffany Glen, Eboni Taylor, Social Chairs. 

Mark Awantang, Douglas Beckvvorth, Tanae Coates, 
Kathleen Gauthier, Amanda Gonzalez, Chantell Jones, 
Latonya Junior, Niket Mody, Phyllis Oddoye, Bridgette 
Pearman, Lisa Purvis, Debbie-Ann Robinson, Lisa 
Sambula, Leslie Shimono, Natalie Smith, Patrice Stanley, 
Mark Stephens, Kiyaa Washington, Henriette Guelce 

The objective of the Dale Adams Heritage Exchange Club 
is to promote cultural Awareness on the WC campus and 
allow people of all races, creeds, and colors to experience 
the unique characteristics of others that make all who 
populate this college, town, and country so special and 


The International Relations Club has grown 
rapidly over the past year. Currently we 
have over 70 members, including both 
international and US students. Our many 
ambitions include creating closer relation- 
ships between the internatonal and US 
students. Some of the ways the club has 
addressed this is in the form of lectures, 
dinners, and many other other types of 
cultural events. This has also been a very 
effective way of introducing foreign 
"flavours" to the WC campus. 

(&ruz ¥ci0ut 

^eer SducatonA 

Erica Estep, President; Allison Weller, Vice 
President, Kim Morgan, Secretary; Leslie 
Shimono, Treasurer 

Heather Noble, Lisa Purvis, Kimberly 
Morgan, Jennifer Vancura, Alison Weller, 
Leslie White, Erica Estep, Karen DiLossi, 
Ronnetta Church, Leslie Shimono, Renee 
Ravenel, Lisa Sambula, Perry Schatz, 
Federico Da-Fieno, Paula Link 


^and^ Out 

Keith P. Morgan, President; Christian Thornton, 
Vice-President, Marcia Mowbray, Secretary; Jay 
Derbis, Treasurer. 

Hands Out is a service organization which 
promotes voluntarism, hands Out has four major 
tasks: matching interested students and faculty 
with organization in need of volunteers, planning 
monthly activities in which the entire campus 
community can participate, publishing bi-annually 
a directory of community service opportunities, 
and generally increasing campus awareness of 

Renee Kuhnel, President; Shelly Waltimyer, 
Vice President; Jim Seimen, Treasurer 

Tlie purpose of our club is to foster an 
atmosphere where spiritual values can be 
shared and discussed, where students of all 
faiths can gather for the study of worship to 
God through Christ, where students can 
share concerns prayerfully, and where 
students are encouraged to fellowship in 
song and activity for the purpose of personal 
growth and maturity. 


^i SC(^iH<^ /4i^iA<^ 

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science 
honor society. It recognizes students who have 
done high quality work in upper-level courses in 
government, political science, international 
relations, or public administration, who rank in 
the upper third of their class, and who show 
promise of achievement in their chosen field. 
Matthew Murray, President, and Max Walton, 
Secretary. Other student members are Scott 
Koon, Luther Dudieh, Marcia Mowbray, Laura 
Semel, Megan Ward, Adam Poe, Jennifer 
Reddish, David Felton, Jessica duHoffman, Kevin 
Roland, William Gibson, Aaron Blake, Erin 
Newman, Laura Meerholz, and Jay Derbis. 
Faculty members are Daniel Premo, Tai Sung An, 
John Taylor, Ed Weissman, and Tahir Shad. 

SeiJjt ^et<t ^eta 

Beta Beta Beta is the national biological honor 
society, lota Rho chapter was founded this year at 
Washington College. Officers are: Tod Hall, 
president; Matt Distler, Vice President; Charles 
Albrecht, Treasurer; Allison Wentworth, 
Secretary; Robyn Shaw, Historian; Members: 
April Alcorn, Amanda Ashley, Mark Awantang, 
Nicole Chmura, Todd Dunn, Melissa Elwanger, 
Craig Flury, Stacey Hammond, Thomas Heibler, 
Tin-Kei Hsu, Eileen Hunter, Jemima LaClair, Lee 
Ann Lezzer, Ann-Marie Malena, Kimberly 
Morgan, Amy Rizitello, Renee Seaman, Robin 
Woolens; Dr. Ford, Advisor 

Omicron Delta Kappa is the national leadership 
honor society. Officers: Dave George, President; 
Jason Meyers, Vice-President; Members: Kristin 
Callahan, Matthew Distler, Shawntel Fitzgerald, 
Morgan Mariah Geissler, Tod Hall, Elizabeth 
Likens, Ann-Marie Malena, Erin Row^e, Melanie 
Ruane, Jill Schultz, Lisa Swann, Amanda Kirby, 
Dawn Simms, James Baker, Christy Belli\'eau, Lisa 
Morgan Brown, Beverly Diaz, Jennifer Dougherty, 
David Felton, CHristopher Freisheim, M. Harrison 
Gallagher, Skip Gibson, Anthony Higgins, Eileen 
Hunter, Marcia Mowbray, Andrea Nolan, 
Matthew Murray, Sharla Ponder, Jennifer 
Reddish, Stacy Sherman, Megan Ward, Sonja 


'Zwr^e^ ^cctoncct^!^ 

Chip Helm, Gene Vassel, Pete Torigoe, Laure 
Bradley, Kerri Haskins, Stephanie Haefner, April 
Stout, Nicole Gallagher, Erika Ford, Teri Senn 
Jackie Smith, Erin Haskell, Colin Taper, James 
Slone, Heather Noble, Ken Pipkin, Alison Weller 
Sue Himmelheber, Allyson Moore, Kristin 
Keener, Christina Carter, Shrylnee Johnson, 
Naomi Cook, Ben Wentworth, Carrie Persina, 
Katie Pagliughi, Melanie Wentzell, Jessica 
Dindino, April DeMar, Elizabeth MacDonald, 
Sara Young, Will Merriken, Niloo deMel, Denise 
Farina, Doug Beckworth, Kathy Gauthier, 
Andrea Wall 

Coordinators: Penny Chaney, Amanda Barnes, 
Shawntel Fitzgerald, Miriam Farkas, Amanda 

ssasgsr • ^ ^ 

RSSBT . t^ 

President, Lainie Goldsmith; Vice President, Emily 
Crush; Secretary, Dave Kraft; Co- Treasurers, 
Lainie Goldsmith, Emily Crush 


It may seem hard for many of you to believe 
that a group of about 10 people put this entire 
book together. Then again, maybe not. Most 
people don't understand the time and effort 
that goes in to producing the product you hold 
in your hands right now. And, as the editors, 
it is very easy for us to say that without this 
small group of people, there would be no 

There were many times when deadlines 
crept up on us, hiding behind school work and 
meetings, holidays and fun times. When 
things got hectic, the members of the Pegasus 
staff were always willing to put in the extra 
time and effort to turn out a magnificent year- 

1 As is typical for us, we couldn't find the roll 
lof film that the Pegasus picture was on, so we 
decided to be creative and find pictures of each 
of the staff members so that you would know 
jwho they are (surprise guys!). 
; The staff and editors would like to thank the 
following for their time and assistance 
throughout the year: Rich Schrenker, our 
lostens representative and the rest of the 
fostens staff; Meredith Da vies Hadaway for 
continuing to advise this crazy operation; 
Marcia Landskroener for supplying us with 
the pictures we couldn't find; the Central 
Services Staff; RAs, students, and clubs who 
assisted us or cooperated with us in anyway; 
Dr. Striner and the Board of Publications for 
heir continuing support; Austin at Kent 

rinting for helping us in a jam; Diane 
Larrimore; Dean Mclntire; Dean Maxcy; and 
Michelle Messick, Public Safety, especially 
pave Reihl, and the Registrar's Office. 

Staff, left to right, top to bottom: Sue Huntley, Photo 
Editor; Kurt Sommer; Stacey Waicker; Heather Pilar, 
5hident Life Co-Editor; Kate Pagliughi, Student Life Co- 
Editor; Carrie Persina; Krissie Callahan, Co-editor-in- 
chief; Sara Neutzel; Liza Dickson, Sports Editor; Mary 
ifefferson, Co-editor-in-chief. Not pictured: Allison 




Sisters, brothers, secrets, living 
on the hall. Alpha Chi Omega, 
Cecil, Greek Games, initiation, 
pledging, formals. Middle, 
pins, letters,Kappa Alpha, 
candlelights, IFC, meetings, 
service projects, philanthropy, 
parties, Dorchester, Zeta Tau 
Alpha, bonding, rush, bids. Phi 
Delta Theta, t-shirts. Beach 
Bash, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ca- 
sino Night, banners, singing, 
forever friendships, rituals, 
officers, Panhellenic Council, 
Theta Chi, the Crabfeast, 
Minta Martin, lifetime. 


^eeit V<zu /iifi^ ^e^ ^acc /iifr^ ^e^ ^cuc /li^i^ ^et<!t. V<^cc /iifi^ 

Shane Dwyer, Robin Dian-iond, Courtney Myers, Lainie Goldsmith, Mary 
Jefferson, Marianne Culbertson, Laura Heidel, Stephanie Self, Shark Pon- 
der, Liza Whayland, Dawn Simms, Colleen Cusick, Kari Lee, Tina Smith, 
Becca Herrera, Kim VanKeuren, Michelle Chin, Krissie Callahan, Denise 
Hakanson, Liza Dickson, Monica McDowell, Nicole Zemanski, Dani Heath, 
Mariah Geissler, Christy Belliveau, Sue Huntley, Nikki Chmura, Kim Mor- 
gan, Leanne Cole, Carrie Persina, Emily Kessler, Nicole Wagner, Heather 
Harper, Sara Neutzel, Donica Collier, Beth Doppler, Kristin Smith, Amy 
Harmon, Cat Barrett, Beverly Diaz, Gina CoCo, Tanya Bennett, Jill Schultz, 
Kristin McMenamin, Jessica Clark, Kelly Eakin 


/iC^iAa ^^ 0»ne^ /iCfr^ ^^ Ome<^ /lC^iA<!t. (^^ 0(4tc<^ 

Amy Barrell, Karen Bianchini, Shelly Brown, Meghan Brumby, Cheryl Bull, 
Jessica Cramer, Katie Dell, Kyla Donovan, Amy Draper, Melissa Elwanger, Erika 
Ford, Tiffany Glenn, Heather Gray, Emily Grush, Stacey Hammone, Susan 
Hanna, Amy Hartsock, Brett Kopay, Runee Kuhnel, LeAnn Lezzer, Sabrina 
Luginbuhl, Amy Lutz, Elizabeth massing, Laura Meerholtz, Shannon Metcalf, 
Tina Polvinale, Katie Pgliughi, Bridgette Pearman, Anne Petracco, Hilary 
Rainey, Tara Rathel, Jayme Ricketts, Amy Rizitello, Debbie-Ann Robinson, Vicky 
Roth, Jenn Suanders, Robyn Shaw, Alicia Seivert, Becky Stephens, Melanie Stoer, 
Becky Strauss, Eboni Taylor, Amy Tingle, Jennifer Vancura, Jennifer Waldych, 
Kiyaa Washington, Allison Wentworth, Crystal Windsor 


/4ifiA^ OtHccfUM' "Pc /iCfr^ OtHccno^ Pi /4ift^ OcHccn.oH' Pi 

Sarah Young, Michelle Nichols, Suzanne Basel, Melanie Wentzell, Melissa 
Wentzell, Marcia Mowbray, Julie Klein, Michelle Sheppard, Nancy 
Millhouser, Charlee Darby, Nicole Gallagher, Nicole Bromwell, Ann-Marie 
Malena, Melanie Ruane, Missy Ruane, Gretchen Blitz, Renee Seaman, Jenni- 
fer Hoffman, Kouri Coleman, Shyrlnee Johnson, Kristin Nemecek, Kristen 
Snell, Heather Murray, Abby Byers, Courtenay Child, Heather Noble, 
Stephanie Woodward, Jessica Tunison, Marcia Flinn, Darlene Schaub, Erin 
Wade, Alicia Washburn, Jenny Nauta, Amanda Schwartz, Katie Langan, 
Renee Alten, Suzanne Fischer, Cindy Mattalucci, Allison Worrell, Amy 
Scarlett, Melissa Windsor 


P^ T>eCt<^ l^et^ P^ Vdtci l^ieta P^ Vdtei ^^let^ P^ 'Ddt<^ V^et^ 

T.D. Albright, Giles Beale, Miroslav Beran, Brian Bird, Christian Boone, Devin 
Brown, Merritt Burke, Gregory Byrnes, Bradley Crate, Erik Dahlen, Christopher 
Daily, Steven Dashiell, Brian Dorst, Christopher Downs, Christopher Evans, 
Michael Gill, James Hannigan, Thomas Hiebler, Bart Jaeger, Andrew King, 
Ronald Lockhart, Michael McDermott, Shawn McMahon, Andrew Moffat, 
Andrew Moore, Robert Moran, Graham Munda, Matthew Newkirk, Kevin 
Quinn, Timothy Reardon, Brian Rush, Matthew Strohl, Christopher TuU, Mark 
Walker, Matthew Zarinko 


^^iet^ (}^ 7<^ezJ^ (}^ V^tetit ^^ T^^e^S^ &^ ^^tetci ^^ 7-^ee:^ (}^ 

Alex Phillips, Derek Cuff, Ben Harris, Kevin Roland, Brian Tipton, Tyler 
Benedum, Colin Taper, Eric Boone, Chris Camillo, Derek Walsh, Bradd 
Burkhart, Ken Lapp, Mark Kenah, Tom McLemore, Tod Hall, Frank Frisbie, 
Gene Vassell, Jarett Pasko, Charles Campbell, Jay Devhn, Matthew 
Flanagan, Craig Flury, Michael Hinkle, Manfred Kanther, Paul Kenny, 
Timothy Peters, Eric Pikus, Timothy Pilarski, Adam Poe, Brett Rhyne, 
Nathaniel Tyler, Sean Tyszko 


'TCa^i^ /iC^i^ 'TCgi^i^ /iC^zAa 'TCa^ifrct /iCfrA<z TCa^fr^ /iifr^ 

Chuck Albrecht, Mike Bowman, Deepak Raja, Charles Bucknor, Jonathan Paine, 
Todd Lineburger, Dana Rechen, John Daskalakis, Ken Pipkin, Andre Taylor, 
Aday Ruby, Bob Brown, Federico Da-Fieno, Brian Tarleton, Christopher Eaton, 
Matthew Murray, Chad Cunningham, Christian Thornton, Max Walton 



Tough Battle For Phi Belts and 
Alpha Chis 

On October 9th, the 
Greek organizations 
of Washington Col- 
lege gathered on the 
lawn to participate in 
the annual Greek 
Games. For the first 
time in three years the 
games were held 
outside, and beautiful 
weather made the 
events a success. 

Some of the events 
this year inluded such 
activities as egg, 
chariot, and piggy- 
back races. Events 
that are old, and 
amusing, favorites 
such as the lifesaver 
and orange passes 
returned. The volley- 
ball tournament was 

by Dawn Simms and 
John Daskalakis 

another hit this year, 
with the Zeta/ Phi 
Delt team coming out 
on top. 

The banner compe- 
tition was tight, but 
the Alpha Chis and 
the KAs gained points 
in this event. Karen 
Bianchini was chosen 
as Greek Goddess, but 
the decision for Greek 
God was a little 
tough. Brian Rush 
and Dave Dennehey 
tied for the honor. 

In the end, the 
Alpha Chis and the 
Phi Delts were victori- 
ous, but the race was 
tight, so these victors 
may have a challenge 
on their hands. 



"PiZ^tA^Uextcc ^au^tcci '^(SMAeUe^Uc (^(M^tcci '^<z«tAeCCe*tcc ^oiutcct 

Charlee Darby,A07r delegate, Carolyn Athey, advisor; Renee Alten, Presi- 
dent; Heather Gray, secretary; Laine Goldsmith, ZTA delegate; Monica 
McDowell, treasurer; Karen Bianchini, AXQ delegate 


^ctten^^Kite^tctctef, (}(KC(t<Ut *luten^n^ite^tnct<f. ^ouacit ^ot&i^natefMcttf. Council 

No Pictvire Available 

Michael McDermott, President; Colin Taper, Vice President; Steven Dashiell, 
Secretary; Paul Kenny, Treasurer; Federico Da-Fieno, Social; Delegates: Chris 
Tull, Chris Downs, Tyler McCarthy, Adam Ruby, Bob Brown, Frank Frisbie 


w-" % 


Trying to sum up Washington 
College in just a few words is 
impossible. For how do you 
put into words four years that 
have been filled with memo- 
ries, learning, experiences, and 
friends? You will never be able 
to forget the times you spent 
here, all that you've accom- 
phshed, and just how much it 
means to you. Whether a 
freshman or a senior, WC is 
unforgettable... it's beyond 






Maryland Governor Parris Glendening Keynote 
Speaker At Commencement 

Maryland Governor Parris N. Glendening 
and his wife, Frances Hughes Glendening, 
were honored jointly at the 213th commence- 
ment of Maryland's oldest chartered college 
in Chestertown, on Sunday, May 21st, along 
with William C. Richardson, President of the 
Johns Hopkins University who will soon head 
up one of the largest philanthropic organiza- 
tions, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. 

Other honorees include Lynn Margulis, a 
distinguished biologist who first proposed 
the symbiotic theory of the origin of the cell, 
and Admiral Henry P. Laughlin, a distin- 
guished psychiatrist. Glendening, the 59th 
Governor of Maryland, and his wife, Frances 
Hughes Glendening, an attorney with the Fed- 
eral Elections Commission, both will receive 
the honorary Doctor of Public Service in rec- 
ognition of their professional achievements 
and community service activities. 

Richardson received the honorary Doctor of 
Humane Letters. Lynn Margulis received the 
honorary Doctor of Science. 


Honors and Prizes 

The Jane Huston Goodfellow Memorial Prize — 

Brett Michael Showalter 

Sophie Kerr Prize ~~ Katherine Melissa Degentesh 

The Louis L. Goldstein '35 Award — Max Brian 


Eugene B. Casey Medal — Jennifer Gray Reddish 

Henry W. C. Catlin 1894 Medal ~~ David Patrick 


Clark-Porter Medal — James Morrison Baker 

George Washington Medal and Award — Megan 

Elizabeth Ward 

Lynette Nielsen Art Award ~~ Reesa Renee 


Department of Business Management Award — 

Anthony L. Higgins 

Department of Business Management Senior 

Obligation Award ~~ Christopher Charles 


Joseph H. McLain '37 Prize ~~ Brett Michael 


Stewart Drama Award — Richard Thomas McKee, 


Wall Street Journal Award — Jason Kenneth 


Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Award-- 

Jason Kenneth Myers 

Emil J. C. Hildenbrand Memorial Award — Erin 

Elaine Jacobson 

Writers Union Award -- Marianne Culbertson 

Arthur A. Knapp '39 Memorial Prize In History ~~ 

Paula Louise DeStefano 

Phi Alpha Theta Award — Paula Louise Destefano 

National Society Of The Colonial Dames Of 

America In The State Of Maryland, Eastern Shore 

Region, Scholarship Prize — Laura Kate Semel 

International Studies Award — William P. Gibson 

Henry Salloch Prize — Lisa Morgan Brown 

William Cover Duvall '30 Prize — David Patrick 


Political Science Award ~- Laura Kate Semel 

Psychology Department Award ~- Laura Kathleen 


Sociology Department Award -- Laura Kathleen 


AAUP Prize ~~ Laura Kate semel 

Karen Kaitz Emerick Award -- Laura Kathleen 

Heidel, Keith Philip Morgan 

Non-Traditional Student Award — Sara Elizabeth 


Doris T. Bell '50 Award — Lisa Morgan Brown 

Alfred Reddish Award — Matthew Harrison 


Thomas Reeder Spedden '17 Medal — Christopher 

Charles Freisheim 

Senior Athletic Award — David R. Cola, Beverly 

Elizabeth Diaz 



Your very affectionate address, and the honorary 
testimony of your regard, which accompanied it, call 
forth my grateful acknowledgments. A recollection of 
past events and the happy termination of our glorious 
struggle for the establishment of the rights of man, can- 
not fail to inspire every feeling heart with veneration and 
gratitude towards the Great Ruler of events, who has so 
manifestly interposed in our behalf. 

As, in civiUzed societies, the welfare of the State and 
happiness of the people are advanced, or retarded, in 
proportion as the morals and education of the youth are 
attended to: I cannot forbear, on this occasion, to express 
the satisfaction I feel on seeing the increase of seminaries 
of learning through the existence country, and the gen- 
eral wish which seems to prevail for establishing these 
valuable institutions. 

It affords me peculiar pleasure to know that the seat of 
learning under your direction hath attained to such 
proficiency in the sciences since the peace; and I sincerely 
pray that the Great Author of the Universe may smile 
upon the institution and make it an extensive blessing. 
George Washington 
New York, July 11, 1789 


'ii\i|i|^^f i*s.iiiiaiiiii,i|il^l^t^_i I 

:«ae.'-i.?K-* •! 





There is one thing that truly goes 
beyond words for everyone at 
WC.whether a senior or a freshman, 
a Greek or non-Greek, male or 
female...FriendshiP. We are told from 
the time we leave high school that the 
college years are the best of our lives, 
and our friends are the ones that 
make them just that. Friendships we 
find at Washington last forever...The 
friends we have now will be our friends 
until we grow old. The memories they 
create for us go beyond anything any 
of us can explain.... 







; These are the days you'll remember. Never before and never since, I promise, will 
I the whole world be warm as this. And s you feel it, you'll know it's true that you 
' are blessed and lucky. It's true that you are touched by something that will grow 

and bloom in you. 

These are the days you'll remember. lA^hen May is rushing over you with desire to 
be part of the miracles you see in every hour. You'll know it's that you are blessed 
and lucky. It's true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in 


These are the days. 

These are the days you might fill with laughter until you break. These days you 

might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face. And when you do you'll 

know how it was meant to be. See the signs and know their meaning. It's true, 

you'll know how it was meant to be. Hear the signs and know they're speaking to 

yoU; to you. 

— 10,000 Maniacs, 'These Are Days" 



uiuilLi uou to iUfi out in itiflc at a 

in cMralion of 
g^oigL (WaJiincjlon\ !BirlUa^ 


tL fz^EnJaz^ 'J^oc Sccml[in 

andJiiLnml2L-,iJ'[Pa£mi GicfiEtha 

fiLijiUij Hiii from lUi 201, SOi & 40^ 

^aimdaij, ^ttruaTLj iS. iqQS 
alg o Joclt in thi Li-uiincf 

aJiiS |nlaltl'l98a 

Washington College 

in tifjlatl ofJVlARYLAND 

The Board of Visitors and Governors 

cordially invites you to join in celebrating 

George Washington's Birthday 

on Saturday, February 18, 1995 


Honored Guest: 


President, Spelman College 

Tawes Theatre 

Gibson Performing Arts Center 

2:00 p.m. 

With Johnnetta B. Cole and 
Acting President John S. Toll 

The Forum 
The Casey Academic Center 

immediately following Convocation 




Sdcton^ ^on^ 

After three years, I'm turning in the keys to the 
Pegasus office. It's been a hell of a time, but Mary, we 
did it and turned out a string of awesome yearbooks. I 
think I may go crazy next year without it. M, You've 
been the best. Never forget our first deadline. We've 
come a long way.'s to the Bee Gee's, Geoff, late 
might silliness, OUR messy office, crazy talks about the 
jboys, and Blossom Hill. ZLAM! 

Thanks, in large amounts, to Meredith Davies 
Hadaway, Marcia Landskroener, Gibson Anthony, 
Diane Larrimore, Dean Mclntire, Dean Maxcy, Dennis 
Berry and Dr. Fessler for all their help— whether it was 
personal or yearbook related. 

Our rep. Rich, thank you so much for your hours of 
patience and teaching in the past two years. You've 
been a tremendous help. 

The staff.. .what can I say to you guys? Thanks for 
hanging in there during unorganized meetings, stressed 
out phone calls, and rushed deadlines. Special *mwaa* 
to Sue (Pixie) and Kurt for always being there for photo 
shoots. Finally. ..Kate and Heather - good luck you two. 
I'll be here to help, I promise, but it's your stress now. 
You have no idea what you've gotten yourselves into! 

And to everyone who was there for me when every- 
thing was coming apart.. all my ZTA sisters, esp. 4th 
floor; Chris; and Kim (for 
all the dinners!). Extra 
Special thanks and lots 
more to Robby J., Sara, 
Amy, Kari, Mariah, Tina, 
Jill and especially Colleen 
for being there for me 
whenever I neededyou. 
Ocean City, shopping trips, 
"Mom," Taco Bell Run, ER 
sessions, secrets, laughs... 
you are the best. I love you 

So I guess this is it. No 
words for how it feels to 
say goodbye.. ..Krissie 

Time flies, seasons change... the past three years have 
been quite an experience! As Krissie and I pass our 
editorial titles on to Katie Pagluighi and Heather Pilar, 
three years of learning, laughing, stress, and floppy disks 
come into a clear light. 

Many thanks to Public Safety, Student Affairs, the 
Registrar's office, the Business office, the Board of 
Publications, College Relations, Central Services, 
Meredith Davies Hadaway, Josten's representative Rich 
Schrenker, our fantabulous staff including my esteemed 
partner in crime, sailing parties, stress, and residence: 
Liza! you're still the best roomir eeffir!, Kurt — last 
minute pix, neverending photo shoots, Jimmy Buffett, 
and midnight chats in the rain, I'll miss working with 
you next year! Sue Huntley, Denephew, Dani, Nicole 
Zemanski, all my Zeta Tau Alpha sisters, "WTK, ELS, Dr. 
Terry Scout, Karen Walker, Susan Czechowski, Rube, the 
Indigo Girls, the Bee Gees, Hootie, the many people that 
helped us tote books, gather stories, pictures, and other 
necessary items, and of course, Krissie. Just remember, 
without Geoff this never would have happened! I'm not 
sure whether that's a blessing or a curse. Time to get 
crackin' on those other 200 page masterpieces — our 

/. Handel Hopkins '2S 
Mary Esther JeffersoJi '41 

And the curious countri/ people, 
Rich and poor and young and old, 
Came in haste to see this wondrous 

Winged steed with mane of gold. 

Boy cuts!!!!!!!Beer cuts! 


Beyond Words, 1995 Pegasus 

Volume sixty-nine of the Pc^asns, Bci/oiui Words was published and printed by Jostens, Inc., 
located in State College, Pennsylvania. The theme and design were created and produced 
by members of the staff and Rich Schrenker. 

The yearbook measures 7 3/4 x 10 1 /2 inches. 

The cover was ciesigned by Kristin Callahan, Mary Jefferson, and Rich Schrenker espe- 
cially for the Pegasus. It is a lithocote cover, printed with black #395, and maroon #194. The 
endsheets are sterling silver #420. Paperstock used in the book is 80 pound gloss. 

Copy in the book varies, although many of the headlines and headings are in Brush 
script. Body copy default is Palatino, ranging between 9 and 12 pts. 

Pegasus staff members are credited with the photography, with the exception of the 
faculty and senior sections. Marcia Landskroener provided many of the faculty portraits, 
and Gibson Anthony is credited with the photo of Dean Scholz. Film was developed in the 
Pegasus darkroom by Kurt Sommer, Stacey Waicker and Sue Huntley, or by Eastern Shore 
Camera. Senior section pictures are provided by individual seniors. Some pictures were 
contributed by students of Washington College. 

All copy in the yearbook was written by staff members with the exception of the spring 
sports stories where noted. 

The staff of the 1995 Pegasus would like to express their appreciation to Rich Schrenker, 
Jostens, Inc. representative, who provided assistance and services to help produce the 1995 
Pegasus. Thanks to anyone who contributed their time and energies to helping produce the 
1995 Pegasus. 


i'Atra ciirj;iyy1ar • time • committment 
Terra F-iriyiyf • projects • social • co- 
ed iiCtUi()}f^1 • langiiai^es • Hillel • riigbv 

• x'olimt^k^r • adxisors • career oriented • 
"^' '''"" ' "» DDK • international • politi- 

' HandsOiit* recreational* honorary 
- Dale Adams* parties* serx'ice projects 

• Writers Union • presidents • Historical 
Society* phone calls* meetings* Target 
Tiitoriivg * ice hockey * community * 
dix'ersity * success * roommates * friends 

• nH)ms * Procolino's * lounees * comnut- 

ers * ans\yering machines * showers 

Saturday nights * toutons * popcorn * 
micro\va\'es * Cc^ke machines * retritiera- 
tors * TVs * mcnie nights * sleeping * 
\yaking * alarm clocks * borrowed clothes 
"» messy rooms * CD's • candles * tapes- 
tries * loud music * The Bee Gee's * parties 

* hats * Beast * ping pong * RA's * 
memcMies * significant others * quiet hours 

* loud hours * stress * late night phone 
calls * mo\ing out * Sisters * [3rotliers * 
secrets * lixing on the hall * Alpha Chi 
Omega* Cecil* Greek Games* initiation 

-1 - -"^ing • formals * Middle * pins * 
' '^"-^^ Alpha * candlelights* IFC 

meetings * serxice projects * philan- 
thropy * parties * Dorchester * Zeta Tau 
Alpha * banding * rush * bids * Phi Delta 
Theta * -t^s^hirts * Beach Bash * Alpha 
Omicron 1\i * Casino Night * banners * 
singing * t\)reyer friendships * rituals * 
officers * I\-inherienic Council * Theta Chi 

* theCrabfeast * Minta Martin *Hfetime *